Sturgeon fishing from the bank is a thrilling experience that offers the chance to hook fish without a boat. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice angler, this guide to sturgeon fishing from the bank will offer the tips for boatless fishing you need for a successful trip.

Choose Your Fishing Spot Strategically

With or without a boat, a successful day of fishing starts with choosing the right spot. Before you cast your first line, take time to find the optimal fishing spot along the shore. Look for areas with deep water and underwater shelf structures, as sturgeon like to spend time there. Keep an eye out for surface activity that may indicate the presence of fish. Local fishing reports can also be helpful when selecting a good spot, so check them out before heading out for the day.

Fish at the Right Time of Day

Sturgeon are most active in low light. While fishing at midday can be enjoyable, it likely will not result in many sturgeon catches. Plan your fishing trips for the morning or evening, before or after the sun is at its highest. Also, set up your fishing spot in advance to make the most of low-light fishing hours.

Go With a Guide

Experienced sturgeon fishing guides can share their knowledge of the best locations, bait choices, and techniques for hooking sturgeon. Consider heading out on a group or private guided fishing trip to maximize your chances of successful catches. Also, check out River Adventures for guided fishing trips on the Snake River. Our expert-led Hells Canyon fishing trips offer great opportunities to catch sturgeon in known fishing spots.

If you’re ready to try sturgeon fishing from the bank, remember these tips for boatless fishing for the best experience. You’ll catch your first sturgeon before you know it!