All I can is WOW.  What a spectacular day and what an amazing start to our 15ht Annual tournament! Again, the fishing has really, really turned on up here and we’ve got alot to input today so let’s get to it!

Cyndi Troxel

First off, on Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber’s boat with the Melanie Higgins group!  This boat landed 30 fish for the day…that’s an amazing number and it’s day #1!  Peggy Johnson caught 3 fish: 24″H, 23 3/4″H, 25″H; Cyndi Troxel caught 3 fish: 23″H, 23″H, 24 1/2″W; Lori Emerson caught 4 fish: 25″H, 24″H, 24″H, 25″H; Cathy Gifford caught 4 fish: 22 1/2″H, 28″W, 25″W, 23″H–her 28″ fish has her with 3rd biggest fish caught so far! Keelee Harold caught 4 fish: 24 1/2″H, 29″W, 25″W, 24″H–her 29″ fish has her sitting in 2nd place for biggest fish so far! Cathy Cagle caught 5 fish: 23 1/2″H, 24″W, 23 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23″H; and Melanie Higgins caught 7 fish that puts her in 3rd place overall for most fish caught so far (totalling 173 inches): 25 1/2″H; 25″H, 23 1/2″W, 24″H, 26″H, 27″H, 22″H.  And we’d like to give an honorable mention to Miss Sandy Hopkins–Mike said she worked very hard and had 5 rambunctious fish on, but they decided to jump off right as they were getting to the net!  Little rascals anyway!  Great effort Sandy!

Jeff Wieber with Cathy Gifford

Cathy Cagle

Now on to Rich Friend and Mike Estrada’s boat with the Luanne Ostrow group! Their boat only beat out the other boat by 3 fish overall, with a total of 33 fish boated!  Everyone on this boat caught fish and really had a great time! I talked to their group leader this a.m. and she said it truly was one of those “perfect days” to be on the river and she said she was so happy to have caught her very first Steelhead ever!!  Luanne Ostrow ended up with 2 fish for the day–a 23″H and a 25″H.  Whitney Croft caught 3 fish: 23″H, 25″H, 24 1/2″H; Jamie Coffey caught 3 fish: 23″H, 30″H, 24″H–Jamie’s 30″ fish puts her in 1st place for biggest fish caught so far! Holly Hattan caught 5 fish: 23″H, 24″W, 22″H, 27″H, 25″H; Stephanie Coffey also caught 5 fish: 24″H, 23″H, 28″W, 24″H, 25″W–Stephanie’s 28″ fish ties her for 3rd biggest fish caught so far; Jane Suggs caught 7 fish, which puts her in 2nd place overall for most fish caught (totalling 174 1/2″): 25″H, 25″H, 24″H, 25″H, 23 1/2″H, 25″H, 27″H. Our big winner of the day and in 1st place overall with 8 fish caught (totalling 189″) is Gina Crowley! She caught every fish on a single lure her husband tied up for her!!  Way to go team Crowley! Her fish are as follows: 25″H, 24″H, 24″H, 22 1/2″H, 24″H, 23″H, 24″W, 22 1/2″H.  Luanne said she’ll be sending pictures that we can put on the blog soon!

Luanne Ostrow and first Steelhead ever!

Great DAY!!

Well, that’s it for right now.  Anything can happen at this point!  Thanks in part to this El Nino weather, it’s made for a terrific run this year…one for the ages, they are saying!!  We’re looking forward to seeing what the boats do on Saturday!! Happy Fishing everyone 🙂