Another wonderful day on the river!  Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber had the lovely Maria Stone group at Spring Bar today!!  Miss Maria herself caught a 25 1/2″ keeper while Melanie Stone caught a 24″ keeper!  Anji Nett caught two fish for the day, a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H!  We’d like to give a shout out to Kate McGwire of MIX 106 Radio of Boise!  She was on Maria’s boat today and said she had a great time!  Thanks Kate for plugging us on your morning show and we hope this gave you some great stories for next week!  Thanks to all these ladies and we’ll see you next year!

Now we move on upriver to Rich Friend and Justin Whitten, a.k.a. “DUB”.  DUB is returning to the tournament after being away on hiatus for a few years!  Welcome back DUB!  They had the Mandee Kauffman group.  I was able to talk with this group after their trip and they said they really had alot of fun!  This was a first tme trip for these ladies…mostly made up of nurses and they were a treat to have on board!  They boated 11 fish for the day!  Ann Hall caught a 24 1/2″H, while Shelley DeVore caught a 26″H and a 22″H.  Brandy Bommersback also caught two fish: 25″H, 25 1/2″H; so did Joan DeVore: 23″H, 251/2″H.  Mandee Kauffman caught 3 fish for the day: 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 25″H.  Thanks ladies and see you next year!

Now on to Mike Wallace and Casey Green’s boat with the Stephanie Hailey group!  They boated 15 for the day!  Liza Clinger caught a 24″H, Liz Thompson got her by an inch with a 25″H.  Kelbie U’Ren, Lora Seabaugh and Stephanie Hailey all caught 3 fish! Kelbie’s: 23″H, 23 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H; Lora’s: 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 24″H; Stephanie’s: 25 1/2″H, 28″H, 22″H.  Stephanie’s 28″ puts her in a 3-way tie for 3rd biggest fish caught so far.  Way to go girls!

Lora Seabaugh and Casey Green

Stephanie Hailey

Casey Green and Amanda Watson...her first time fishing EVER! She caught 4 fish total!

Finally, we have Sam Whitten and Mike Estrada–who by the way is celebrating a birthday today! Happy Birthday Mike!  They had one of Mike’s classmates, fellow SRHS alum, Amy Wilson and her group of super girls!!  It’s always fun to have our home-town girl come back for a visit!  Amy’s girls did really well today with a total of 20 fish caught!  Ish Green had a 24″W while Jana Nearing caught a 24 1/2″H.  Angie Robinson caught 3 fish: 25″H, 25″H, 24″W; Amy Wilson herself also caught 3 fish: 25″H, 25″H, 24″H.  They had 3 ladies who caught 4 fish each! Keri Barbero: 23″H, 24 1/2″W, 23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H; Danielle Keister: 25″H, 24″H, 23 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H; Drusilla Swopes: 23 1/2″, 23″H, 25″H, 25 1/2″H.  Dru is also one of our home-town girls!!  Nice to have you ladies with us again this year!  Hope to see you next year too!