Heidi Stutzman

We’re back after a few days off.  Now the grind really begins!!  I was lucky enough to go fishing myself with our family and friends on Thursday–we had a spectacular day, boating 28 fish!!  I got 7 fish myself and I wasn’t even fishing ultra-hard, plus a guy on our boat caught 12 fish himself, so it CAN be done ladies!

First off, we had Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber at Spring Bar.  We want to welcome back Lee Ann Jasper and crew!  These girls travelled a long way to have some fun and we want to say thank you ladies for coming back!!  They caught two fish today–Rhonda Bartholomew caught a 23″ keeper and Heidi Stutzman caught a 25 1/2″ keeper!!  Even though we’ve seen some slower fishing at Spring Bar, we know the next “wave” will be coming through soon, so we’re hoping to see some rockin’ good numbers in this stretch soon…it’s all up to Mother Nature and the fish right now…they are everywhere and anywhere!

Rhonda Bartholomew

  Next up, Sam Whitten and his son, DUB, took Kelli Martinez and crew up the river for some fishing and ended up boating 12 fish for the day.  Crystal Grigg (1)–26″H; Kimmi Johnson (1)–25″H; Paula Riggs (2)–24″H, 25″H; Kelli Martinez (2)–24″H, 23″H; JJ Martell (3)–24″W, 24″H, 26″H; Ami Packer (3)–32″W, 25″H, 23″H.  Ami’s 32″ fish puts her in 2nd place for biggest fish caught so far!  Nice going ladies!

The Kelly Martinez crew with their guide, Sam Whitten! Oh ya, and some fish too!

Now we move over to Mike Wallace’s boat, along with Casey Green and the Ashley Hiatt group.  They ended up with 17 fish overall! Ashley Hiatt (1)–23″H; Kathy Clark (1)–30 1/2″H; Shelly Williams (1)–25″H; Michelle Hardison (2)–25″H, 25″W; Heather Patterson (2)–25″H, 25″H; Beverly Williams (3)–26″W, 24″H, 23″H; Erin Ingersoll (3)–30″W, 25″H, 24″H; Kay Bengoechea (4)–23″H, 22″W, 24″W, 24″H.  Congratulations ladies…nice job!!  It’s always wonderful when everyone on the boat catches a fish!  By the way, Kathy Clarks 30 1/2″ keeper puts her now in 3rd place for biggest fish caught so far!

Ashley Hiatt CREW--takin' over the Salmon River!

Finally, Rich Friend and Mike Estrada caught 24 fish for the Becky Carter group!!  3 ladies even caught 5 fish each, still with everyone catching fish on board!!  Those are the best days!!  Angie Carter (2)–26 1/2″H, 24″H; Diane Newton (3)–23″H, 26″H, 24″H; Becky Carter (4)–23 1/2″H, 21″H, 25″H, 26″H; Barbara Aslect (5)–24 1/2″, 26″H, 25 1/2″H, 23″H, 23 1/2″H; Maureen Crowell (5)–25″H, 27″H, 26″H, 23″H, 23″H; Shawna Coopman (5)–23″H, 27 1/2″H, 23″H, 24″H, 23 1/2″H.


We want to let everyone know that we will be posting our prizes on the website–hopefully the site manager will have it updated by Monday!  We have switched a few things up this year and hopefully, with these hard economic times that we’ve been seeing, everyone will really appreciate the changes we have made!  Don’t worry, they are still really awesome and every bit worth what they have been in the past!!  Stay tuned!