Up at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and DUB had only one fish caught, but it was enough to give this young lady a tie for 2nd place so far for biggest fish–Amber Smith and a 32″!!  Way to go Amber!

Next we have Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada with the Kelly Acree group above Vinegar Creek.  Everyone on this boat caught a fish today…that is AWESOME!  Kelly Acree (1)–24″H; Shari Averman (1)–26″W; Shelli Meckley (1)–26″H; Tami Irle (1)–24″H; Michelle Newlan (3)–23 1/2″H, 26″H, 24″W; Noreen Percifield (4)–23″H, 25 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 26 1/2″H.  We want to also thank this group of ladies…they’ve been coming back every year for several years now and we just appreciate our return gals soooo much!!!  Thanks ladies!!!!

Then we have my hubby Rich Friend and Mr. Pim Hoogland on deck today with Pim’s daughter, Anna Mescher and crew!  Welcome back Pim!  Pim helps us out once and awhile with the tournament and he’s developing his own following!!!  Thanks Pim!  Anyway, his wife and daughter were on board today and they had a pretty nice day today, boating 12 fish overall with everybody on board at least catching one fish!  Anna Mescher (1)–24″H; Tiffany Echanis (1)–21″H; Pamela Hoogland (2)–23″W, 22 1/2″H; Jessie Lukehart (2)–24 1/2″H, 24 1/2″W; Tara Flume (2)–23 1/2″W, 31 1/2″W; Chelsea Bradley (4)–26″H, 25″H, 24″H, 24″H.  Way to go ladies!!

Okay everyone…I need to tell you all to sit down and grab something to hold on to…cuz this next report is pretty much going to blow your socks off!  Sam Whitten and Jeff Wieber took the Kathreen Steiner group upriver today as well…in the same section as Mike Wallace and Rich Friend.  And just for the record, these ladies have been going every year in this tournament and never really had much to write home about, but still always had a nice time.  Well, I think their luck just changed!  I think they had some magic going on because I think we’ve pretty much set some records here today!  Their boat caught 46 fish!!  And we definitely have a new leader…with 365 inches by herself!  But we’ll get to that!  Okay, Kathreen’s daughter Malia got a single fish, a 26″W!  Mary Dahlin caught 3–23″H, 23″H, 25 1/2″H; local lady Kathreen Steiner also caught 3 fish–22″H, 22 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H; another local lady Sandy DeVeny caught 4 fish–23 1/2″, 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 23″H; Kathy Brilz caught 5 fish–23″H, 24″H, 23″H, 24″H, 26″W; Linda Schweich caught 7 fish–23 1/2″H, 24″H, 22 1/4″H, 24 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H, 25″H, 24″H; Riggins Tackle Shop owner and one of my sweet ladies Rexanne Zimmerman caught 8 fish and is now our new 2nd place leader for most fish overall–23″H, 23″H, 24″H, 21″W, 23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 28″H!  That puts her at 191 1/2″, which will move Gina Crowley to 3rd place with 8 fish/189 inches overall.  Now we move to our new leader, Nikki Johnson!  Holy Smokes folks!  This is a big deal–really goes to show how great the fishing is! It is also a testament to what a great little fisherwoman this little gal is…and seriously, I think this little gal might be 5 ft. nothing and about 90 lbs. dripping wet!  She used to live in our fair little town but now hails from Orofino, Id–just down the road!!  She is now leading the tournament with 15 fish and 365 inches!!!  23″H, 24 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23″H, 22″H, 23″H, 25″H, 24 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 25 1/2″H, 28″H, 27″H, 24″H, 25″H.  I just talked to Sam and he’s still completely stunned!  He said in all his years fishing for Steelhead, he doesn’t recall ANYONE–man OR woman ever catching that many fish in one day!!  That is awesome and we’re so excited to see these numbers!!  Congratulations Nikki!! 

Well everyone, now the bar has been set yet again! We’re sure grateful for this wonderful run of fish!!  What a great year so far!!!  Happy Fishing! 🙂



BIGGEST FISH–(1)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (2tie)AMBER SMITH, 32″, (2tie)AMI PACKER, 32″; (3)KATHY CLARK, 30 1/2″.