Another stellar day on the river!! WOW!!  It’s such great fishing right now and it doesn’t look to be letting up at all!!  We are now starting to see those “B” run fish…I’m sure that stands for BIG!  Anyway, let’s see how we did today!

Drift boat guide extraordinairre Norm Klobetanz is up to bat first with Tobi Rubelt and Susan Korte!!  They had a nice day, catching three fish in all.  Norm said there were lots of strikes and many fish on…he said, “we just couldn’t seem to get those little buggars in the net!”  He said the ladies had a wonderful day and we’re each able to take a fish home!!!  Tobi caught a 25 1/2″H and Susan caught two, a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H.  Norm jokingly said if it wasn’t exactly 25 1/2″ long then it must not be allowed in the boat!!!  Way to go Norm and ladies!!

Next we had Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber and the Deb Jenkins group!  They had a really nice day at Spring Bar, boating 7 fish total.  Kris Collins caught a 25 1/2″H and Lori Hale was able to keep a 22″!  Deb Jenkins caught a 31″H and a 25″H, while Jessi Lukehart used her tournament day today and landed 3 fish–a 22″H, 25 1/2″H and a 24″W.  Nice to see it picking up at Spring Bar!!  Thanks Deb and crew for coming to the tournament!  Hope we see you back next year!

As we move upriver, Mike Wallace and Casey Green had Holly Loomis and crew!  They boated 12 for the day!  Miss Anna Loomis, who by the way is 9 years old and just broke her arm last week, was determined to get herself a fish–even with a cast all the way up her arm down to her fingertips!  Guess what ya’ll, she did it and was able to take home a 24″ keeper!! Congrats Anna!!  Heather Tramp also caught a 24″ keeper.  Laurie Gurske, Stefani Jerman and Stacy Brainard all caught 2 fish each.  Laurie’s: 24″H, 25″H; Stefani’s: 25″H, 24″H; Stacy’s: 26 1/2″H, 22″H. Anita Jerman was the big catch of the day with 4 fish…26″W, 23 1/2″H, 24″H, 28″H.  It was nice to have you all ladies…hope to see you again soon!

Casey Green holding 9 yr. old Anna Loomis's very first Steelhead!

Also upriver, Rich Friend (my special valentine!) and Mike Estrada had the Mimi Beutter group today!!  What a great group of gals!!  They boated 19 fish for the day!  Maria Mahan caught a 22″H, while Mimi herself caught 2 fish–25″H and 24″H.  Karen Roberts also caught two, 25 1/2″H and 25″H; as well as Cindy Volk–22″W, 27 1/2″W.  Renee Miller and Renee Cataldo each caught 3 fish!  Miller–25″W, 26″H, 27 1/2″W; Cataldo–25″H, 26″H, 23″H.  Adri Hicks caught the most on her boat with 6 fish!!  Her fish were: 20 1/2″H, 25″H, 27″H, 22 1/2″W, 23″H, 28″W.  Adri’s 20 1/2″ fish, I believe, is the smallest fish we’ve recorded so far…which could mean a new rod and reel for her!!  We’ll just have to see if that gets beat!  Stay tuned! 

Adri Hicks and her "lil fish"! Anyone can win prizes at WWB...EVEN for the smallest fish!

Finally on our last boat upriver with Sam Whitten and DUB and the Debbie Dines crew!  They were able to land 21 fish for the day.  Kay Thompson caught a 25″W, while Sherrie Brooks caught 2 fish–26″H, 24″H. Theresa Dines caught 3 fish: 23″W, 25″H, 24″H. Debbie Dines also caught 3 fish: 29 1/2″H, 25″H, 26″H. Myrna Harris caught 5 fish–25″H, 23″H, 23″H, 26 1/2″H, 21″H.  And Karla Thompson was the most for the day with 7 fish!!  Her scores were: 23″H, 24″H, 27″W, 25″H, 21″H, 25″W, 24″H.  Nice job ladies!!  We love to see it when everyone on board gets fish!!!  YAHOO! 🙂



BIGGEST FISH–(1)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (2tie)AMBER SMITH, 32″, (2tie)AMI PACKER, 32″; (3)TARA FLUME, 31 1/2″.