Happy President’s Day everyone!  ANOTHER great day on the river today!!  First up, we have my favorite guide, Rich Friend and Mike Estrada, upriver with a lovely group of ladies from Klamath Falls, Oregon, who decided that they better bring their husbands too…just so they didn’t think they’d be having too much fun without them!  They boated 17 total, and the 4 ladies landed 8!  Katrina Kessler caught two fish–25″H and 26″H.  Lisa Kessler was the one with the lucky lure as she caught 6 fish!  Wow…remember the days when 6 fish would win a tournament?  Anyway, her scores are: 25 1/2″H, 24″H, 26″W, 26″H, 33″W, 25″H.  And yup, you guessed it!  That 33″ Wild fish just put Miss Lisa in the lead for biggest fish caught so far!  Congratulations Lisa!

Meanwhile, back downriver at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and Casey Green had a mixed group of doubles today (that sounds kind of like tennis, doesn’t it?).  They must have been doing something right because they boated 9 fish for the day!  Tami George took home a 24 1/2″H, while her friend Mariah Courtright caught a 25 1/2″ keeper!  Beth Blackwell caught two fish, a 23″H and a 26″W!  Cathy Jerrums, who by the way was merely “practicing” today (this wasn’t her official tournament day), caught 5 fish!!  24 1/2″H, 26″H, 26″W, 25 1/2″H, 24″H.  Way to go ladies!!!  GREAT DAY!

Next up, we have Shaun Mulberry’s group going with Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber!  They also had a nice day today, boating 15! Rosean Newman caught two: 23″H, 24″H.  Trina Pollman caught two as well: 24″H, 26″.  Sandy Frickey caught three fish: 22″H, 23″W, 23″H; but so did Shaun Mulberry: 22″H, 25″W, 23″W!  Stacey Francis took home the gold medal on this boat with 5 fish!  24″W, 23 1/2″H, 22″H, 33″W, 24″H–that 33″ fish just tied her for first place biggest fish!!  Way to go Stacey!

"Rookie" Sandy Frickey and her first Steelhead EVER! with bait boy Jeff!


Trina Pollman's fish she caught on the 1st CAST OF THE DAY!

And last but not least, we have Sammy Joe and DUB!!  They took Shaun Mulberry’s “sister” boat from Montana today–the Sheila Cather group…these girls always have a great time too!  They landed 28 fish today…NICE!  Everyone caught a fish today too!  Jennifer Crofts and Kelly David both caught three fish!  Jennifer’s: 26″H, 24″H, 26″H; Kelly’s: 26″H, 24″H, 23″H.  Sheila caught 4 fish–24″H, 24″H, 25″H, 24″H.  Shari Kappel caught 5 fish: 26 1/4″H, 24″H, 22″W, 25″H, 25″H.  Erin Knutson caught 6 fish: 23″H, 24 1/2″H, 23″H, 26″H, 26″H, 33″W.  Erin’s 33″ fish just put her in a 3-way tie for 1st place biggest fish caught so far!!  But the big catch of the day was Teri Schuster with 7 fish!! 23″H, 25″H, 23″H, 25″H, 22″W, 24″H, 25″H.  What a great day ladies!!!!

Erin Knutson and her 33" fish!

Sam, DUB and Sheila Cather's Montana bunch!





BIGGEST FISH–3 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson; (2)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (3) 2 way TIE, both with a 32″ fish: Amber Smith, Ami Packer.