I just can’t say enough about this fishing…IT’S SIMPLY AWESOME!!  If you know someone who might want to go fishing, call up here to Riggins!!  This town will “hook you up” with some fish!!!

Today was another amazing trip on the river!  Just one boat out today, with Rich and Mike Estrada.  But on this boat, we had folks from as far away as TENNESSEE and even AUSTRALIA!!  This boat landed 17 fish today (2 of those were caught by guest, Dwayne Burnett, who accompanied his friend Lisa Skelley, all the way from The Volunteer State!)  Lisa ended up catching two fish today–a 23 1/2″W and a 23″H!  We were also happy to say we had some “local gals” on the boat with us today….all from our excellent service industry here in town!  These ladies work in all areas from restaurants, pubs, motels, and even City Hall!  Dawn McGowan, who owns the River View Motel here in Riggins, caught her first Steelhead–a 24 1/2″ keeper!!  Way to go Dawn!  Then we have my good friend Melissa Blimka, who owns both the Rodeo Club and the Seven Devils Steakhouse and Saloon–which keep in mind is where the FISH DANCE will be held this year!  Melissa just went for fun today as she already had her tournament day on the 7th…but she had so much fun she just wanted to go one more time for the heck of it!!  She caught two fish: 24″H, 23″H.  Then we have my life-long friend, Jill Marolf and her good friend who came to visit her from a cattle station in Australia–her name is Annabelle Coppin!  This chick does it all!  Lives and works on a cattle station, FLIES A HELICOPTER, has that really cool Australian accent, and now is a fisher-gal!  What an interesting lady!!  Thanks for coming to check out the Salmon River country Annabelle!  We hope we see you again!  She ended up taking home 2 fish as well: 24″H, 23 1/2″H!!  Meanwhile, Jill caught 4 fish and today she told me “she squealed like a little girl”–that’s what you are supposed to do!!  Her scores are: 23″H, 23″H, 24″H, 25″H!!  By the way, Jill is interesting in her own right–she used to train champion race horses in Florida and now raises Welsh ponies in McCall with her husband and two boys!  Finally, we have one of my favorite local ladies…Mrs. Eddi Joyce!  She’s a waitress at the Seven Devils Steakhouse and when she isn’t doing that, she’s raising her 4 children and going to Mexico and helping to build houses for poor folks down there!   WOW, all of you women who come and visit us sure have some amazing lives you lead!!!  I love it!  Anyway, she not only caught her very first Steelhead ever, Rich said she hunkered down and got busy catching three more!!  Way to go Eddi!  Her scores: 24″H, 25″H, 31 1/2″W, 24″H.  And I’d like to give an ‘honorable mention” to my great friend, Susan Hollenbeak!  She DID have a “fish on”, but was unable to get that stubborn fella into the darn net!  Susan has lived here virtually her whole life but has never had the opportunity to go above Vinegar Creek into the Frank Church Wilderness on a jet boat!!  We are so happy that she was able to join us today!!  Anytime you ever need help with anything city related, just give her a call at Riggins City Hall!!  Happy Fishing Everyone!  We have a day off tomorrow, so we’ll see you Thursday! 🙂  WE NEED PICS TO POST ON THE BLOG! SO LADIES, AFTER YOUR TRIP, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US SOME PHOTOS SO WE CAN GET YOU ON HERE!! THANKS!

Australian Annabelle Coppin with her first Steelhead EVER, along with Bait Boy Mike Estrada!

Jill Marolf with a nice fish and an even better smile!




BIGGEST FISH–3 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson; (2)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (3) 2 way TIE, both with a 32″ fish: Amber Smith, Ami Packer.