Fishing is still going steady with four boats out today and all with good numbers!

Rich and Mike E. took the Linda Williams crew out today and everyone on this boat caught a fish today–7 in all!  Linda herself caught a 23″H; Deanna Weaver cuaght a 23″H; Katherine James caught a 22″H; and Helen Goerke caught two fish–a 31″W and a 24″H.  The mother and daughter duo of Kelly and Katelynn Bowden really NEEDED this fishing day together…Daddy is deployed in Iraq right now, so they took this day to spend together and have some fun!  And fun they had with Kelly catching a 23″W fish and 9 year old Katelynn catching her very first Steelhead, a 24″keeper!!  We just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to our US troops who fight for our rights every day to live in this great country and be able to do amazing things like FISH!!!!

Bait Boy Mike Estrada, Katelynn Bowden and her very first Steelhead! Katelynn says hello to her Father serving in Iraq!

Down at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber had the Nicole Shanley group.  They boated 9 in all today! Sherri Krzesnik caught a 26″H and Diane Pegram caught a 26″W.  Nicole Shanley caught two fish, a 28″W and a 31″H. Rachel Bollinger also caught two fish, a 22 1/2″H and a 26″H.  Finally, Jan Julian cuaght three fish today with a 25 1/2″H, 29″W, 23″H.  Great day ladies!

Back upriver with Sam and DUB and the Bonnie McGraw group, they ended up with 10 for the day.  Asia Cilley caught a 24″H. Bonnie McGraw, Tracy Horton and Pam Tilley all caught two fish each! Bonnie’s: 27″H, 24″H; Tracy’s: 24″H, 24 1/4″H; Pam’s: 24″H, 27 1/2″W.  And Shanda McGraw was the lucky girl today to catch three total: 27″W, 23″H, 32″W.  See you next year Bonnie and company!

And finally we have Mike Wallace and Casey Green with the Tera Seabaugh group!  They had a great day, boating 12 fish!  Carrie Sullivan took home a 22″H, while Karen Graham caught two–23 1/2″H, 26 1/2″H! Karen Peterson caught three fish–25 1/2″H, 22″H, 25″H!  And Phaedra MacNeil made a run for it with 6 fish in all! 24″H, 25 1/2″W, 25″H, 23″H, 21″H, 24″H.  Mike said if she would have landed all that she actually hooked, she would have easily been in 2nd place overall!!  Those fish are there girls so don’t give up!!!