Fishing was slow today, but we’re hoping now that the rain has stopped it will settle the water down and the catching will pick back up!

First boat out today was Norm Klobetanz in his drift boat.  He took Leah Provencio and her daddy, Judge Brad Ford!  Leah won 2nd Biggest Fish prize back in 2007!!  And her father Brad tries to sneak up here as often as he can, when he isn’t doing his judicial duties down in the Treasure Valley!  Brad and Leah went on a drift boat today per her doctor’s orders…the Doc said she’s too pregnant now to be in a jet boat this time!!  So, she still had to get her WWB day in and we’re sure glad she did!  She even took a fish home today–a 23 1/2″H!  Brad will be a guest celebrity bait boy on Rich’s boat tomorrow as Leah’s Mom Margene, will be going upriver in the jet boat!! 

In the same Spring Bar area, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber took the famous “PINK FLAMINGO’S” today!!  What a great group these ladies are!!  They come every year in full decked out regalia, complete with pink Flamingo sunglasses, sweatshirts and hats!!  These ladies are a treat and we sure are happy to see them again!  The group is Linda McDonald,Terrie Jones, Kris Hunt, Julie Traska, Gwen Hunt and Hazel Thompson!!  Kris was the only one on board to catch a fish today, a 23″ keeper!!  See you next year ladies!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green took some Meadows Valley gals today with the Tracy Peterson group!  5 fish were boated in all!!  Tracy herself caught a 25 1/2″H while Mike’s daughter Jessi…who was our 2009 2nd Biggest Fish Winner, caught a 24 1/2″ keeper!  By the way, Jessi rides BULLS in the rodeo…look for her this Spring/Summer as I’m sure her bull-riding days are far from over yet…she says she loves it!  Heidi Wash caught a 25 1/2″H, Heather Yelton caught a 27″H and Nikki Sauerland caught a 26″H!  Thanks Ladies!! 😉

Rich and Mike E. took boat one of two of the Shelley Rambo crew out today!!  We want to thank Shelley and her husband Steve down at Steve Rambo Fine Jewelers in Boise, for donating our 3rd Prize for Biggest Fish…a STUNNING Cyma Watch!!  It’s gorgeous and I only wish I could be eligible to win it because I could really use a new watch!  Jane Baxter was just out for fun today (her tournament day is tomorrow) and she caught a 25″ keeper!  Meanwhile, over on Sam and DUB’s #2 Rambo boat, the ladies caught 6 overall!  Shelley caught a 25″keeper (non-tournament day), while Carole Clements (also non-tournament day) caught a 22″ keeper!  Back in 2004, Carole won for 3rd Biggest Fish of the tournament!!  Karen Crosby had her tournament day today, catching a 23″W fish while Angie Davis also had her tournament day today catching a 29 3/4″ keeper!  Mel Carlson’s tournament day was today as well and she caught two fish–a 25″H and a 23″H! 


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″