Happy March everyone!  This month is definitely coming in like a lamb…weird weather still, but no one is complaining!  Everyone around here is opening up the doors and windows and enjoying this very mild weather for this time of year!  The daffodils are up and it’s really starting to look like winter is truly over.  Meanwhile, it’s been pretty nice on the boats as no one has to get as bundled up as usual!

Sam and DUB took day #2/boat #1 of the Shelley Rambo boats again today.  Today was official tournament day for everyone on this boat, but only two ladies were able to get a fish in the net.  Jane Baxter caught a 23″W fish and Shelley Rambo herself caught a 30″W!  We’ll see all of these ladies again next year as they are already booked up for 2011!! 

Meanwhile, over on Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada’s boat #2/day #2 of the Rambo group, they had a little better luck boating 6 for the day!  Debi Wagner caught a 24″W and Nikki Hope caught two fish–a 29 1/2″H and a 31″W!  These two ladies chose today as their official tournament day!  Angie Davis caught a 27″W and Karen Crosby caught two fish–a 22″H and a 29″H!  These two ladies were fishing today just for fun as their tournament day was yesterday.

Mike Estrada and Nikki Hope

Mike E. and Karen Crosby...notice she's in short sleeves and sunglasses! Gotta love that Idaho sun!

Over on Rich’s boat with the Margene Ford group, Rich was joined by Margene’s husband, District Court Judge Brad Ford!  The ladies had a great time and caught 5 fish in all today!  Margene herself caught a 23″H, while Marnie Couch caught a 24 1/2″H!  Francis Nagashima caught three fish in all today–30″W, 23″H and a 26 1/2″H!!  Thanks ladies and Brad!  We always appreciate you coming to see us!!

Finally, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber were the big dogs today with the Staci Jayo crew!!  Staci is actually a Salmon River native…graduated in ’87!!  I played sports with her and have great memories of growing up around her!  Today, she brought her daughter Emily to join in the fun and see what this whole WWB is all about!  The ladies on this boat did well with 6 total fish for the day!  Karla Zacher caught a 29″W and Karen Johnson caught a whopper 32″H!  Cynthia Jesser did her one better with a 32 1/4″W and a 26″H!  Kelli Gerard also caught two fish–a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H!  It was great to see Staci, her beautiful daughter and the rest of the great ladies that came with them!!  We hope to see them again for the tournament next year!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″