Wow, can’t believe we’ve only got a few more days and we’re wrapping this tournament up for the year!!  CRAZY how time flies!!  And don’t forget to visit Riggins this weekend to enjoy not only the FISH DANCE but especially the CRAB FEED!! 

Today, Jake Finley took the mother and daughter team of Cherie Crandall and Jennifer Smith out for their first WWB in Jake’s drift boat!  Jake said these ladies had tons of fun and both were able to each take home a fish!  Cherie caught a 24″ keeper and Jennifer caught a 23 1/2″H!!

Next up we have Rich and Mike Estrada with day #2 of the Wendy Hafer/Sam Logan crew!  Today was tournament day for Wendy, Kristi Cox and Jeannie Amen!  Sam, Amy Cardenas and Deb Charlton were just fishin’ for fun today!  Kristi caught a 25″H; Deb caught a 23 1/2″W; Wendy caught a 24″H and a 25″H; Sam caught a 24″ and a 26″H; and Jeannie caught a 26″H and a 29″H!  These girls have been coming to the tournament for years, with Wendy being our champion from 2007!

Next we have out of retirement for only one day–ROMINE!! and Mike Wallace on board as bait boy!!  I know, I know, you all want to know how in the heck can we get Romine back…well, the only reason he came out of retirement today is because his wife asked him to!  We so miss Romine and believe me, I’ve tried bribing him, begging and pleading with him to come back to us….but it’s still a no.  We are so glad we get to see him at least once during the tournament!  (I’m lucky…he’s my father-in-law so I get to see him almost daily!)  Anyway, Mama Carolyn Friend had a boat load of fun gals today and they ended up boating 9 fish for the day!  Shelley Frisbie caught a 26″H and Vicky Stimpson caught a 24″H!  Angie Fritzler caught two fish–a 24″H and a 30″H!  Native Riggin-ite and still-a-local-to-us/Salmon River GAL Debbie Swift caught two fish as well–a 25″H and a 29 1/2″H!!  Carolyn showed them all with three fish for the day–31″H, 23″W, 22″H!! 

Finally, Sam and DUB had Michelle Kemner’s gang of Fish and Game girls on board today!! Michelle has been coming for a very long time and we’re always so glad to have her back!!!  Their boat ended up with 12 today!!  Cherie Barton caught a 22″H, while Kathy Reynolds got a whopper 34 1/2″W fish!  Keely Duke caught two fish–a 24″H and a 25″H, and so did Susan Werner–24″H and a 25″H!  But Connie Breckenridge and Gail Richardson both caught three fish for the day!  Connie’s: 31″W, 25″H, 23″H; Gail’s: 23″H, 22″H, 23″W!  See you next year ladies!

Christa Braun, DUB and her "catch"...a good ole Salmon River Rock! Now that takes some skill!

The Michelle Kemner gang! What a great shot and what a great day!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″