“Catching” slowed down again today and we’ve only got two days left!

Norm Klobetanz took out some WWB alums–Paula Prescott and Diana King!!  These ladies had a nice day, bringing home one fish for Paula–a 27″H!  Diana had one to the boat but the little rascal found its way off the hook and back in the river!

Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber took the Cindi Lou Baker crew today and had a great time!!  She had a gal on board today, Dawn Coolbaugh,  who is one of my old friends from the Albertson’s Corporate office days!  She and I started coming to WWB 10 years ago!  Who would have thought this is where we’d be now!!  Crazy!  Anyway, this group of ladies boated 4 fish for the day!  Dawn caught a 22″H; Lori Ruman caught a 25″H and Kallie Forsburg caught two fish–a 22″H and a 23″W!!  As always Cindi and crew–it’s great to see you!!!

Meanwhile, Rich and Mike E. had local gal Candy Dobson with her “Sister-Ship” crew today!!  They also boated four for the day!  Candy won our 2nd place biggest fish a couple of years ago and that same year, won the Riggins Chamber of Commerce derby with the same fish!!  What fun!  Susan Birge caught a 23 1/2″H; Janel Denton caught a 23″H.  Laure Collins caught two fish–23″H and a 31 1/2″W!

Sam and DUB took the Debbie Livesay group up the river today!  Again, another group of great ladies returning to try and win this thing!!  They ended up with 9 fish for the day and one lady getting 4 fish herself!  Debbie caught a 29″H, while last year’s BIG FISH winner Pat Papiez caught a 26″W.  Teresa Prow caught a 23″H!  Alita Svaty caught two fish–23″H and a 22 1/2″H!  Zoe Ann Greenfield caught 4 fish–24″H, 25″H, 33 1/2″H, 23″H!  Way to go ladies!!  We will see you next year!!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″