Can you even believe we’re finally on the last day of this tournament?  Holy Cow…time flies when you are catching fish!

Okay, so last day…4 jet boats, 1 drift boat out today!  Mike Hicks took 3 ladies out on his drifter today and they sure had fun!  They were 1 for 4 today with Tina Murrell catching a 23 1/2″H!  Thanks ladies!

Rich and Jeff had the Kelly Porter group today and they ended up with only two fish for the day!  Kelly caught a 26″H and Dani caught a 28″W fish!  This group is already on the 2011 schedule!!  See you next year ladies!

Mike W. and Casey G. had the Kristine Cole group who travelled from the Seattle, Washington, area!  Kristine caught a 24″H, Sasha Owen caught a 25 1/2″H and Brenda Cole caught two fish–24″H and a 23 1/2″H!!  This time next year Kristine will be a new mommy, so congrats Kristine and hubby back in Washington!!  And welcome new little Cole Baby!

And finally, Sammy J. and DUB-A-Licious, had the Angie Howe group today!  These ladies boated 7 fish for the day!  Kristie Osborn caught a 28″W, while Lara Rashke caught a 33″W!  Dotti Logsdon caught a 25″H, Tina Watson caught a 27″W and Wendy Secl caught a 26″H!  Angie Howe caught two fish–a 25″H and a 24″H!  Thanks ladies!!!

We’ll see you all out tonight at the CRAB FEED and then at the FISH DANCE!!!! 🙂