We had a very busy last Friday of the tournament today!  4 Jet boats and 3 drift boats out in all today!!  Lots of ladies fishing on the Salmon!!

We had six ladies, two each in a group, going out on the three drift boats today.  They had so much fun today that they already booked the exact same set up for next year!  They are all together but really liked doing the drift boats this way and had a lot of fun!  Norm Klobetanz took Grangeville native Kim Gini and her friend Janet Frazier out today!  Kim was able to land a 25″W fish!!  Meanwhile, Jake Finley took Marty Kelly and Jenny Sorenson and had a little bit better luck, boating three for the day!  Jenny caught a 24″ keeper while Marty scored with two–23 3/4″ H and a 24″H!!  Finally, the third couple of gals for this group…our returning favorite Kerry Holscher and her friend LeAnn Johnson went with Roy Akins!  Kerry really had a great day catching 4 fish for the day!  Remember, last year, 4 fish won the tournament!  Kerry’s scores: 23″H, 25″H, 26″H, 28″W!!  Way to go Kerry and ladies!

Next up we had the Samantha Maret group with Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber today!!  This group of ladies comes from the Boise area, then California and Texas!  They are already booked again for next year because they had such a blast!  Elaine Banbury caught a 24 3/4″H while Samantha Maret caught a 26 1/2″W fish!!  See you next year ladies!

Meanwhile, my best friend Michelle Hollon had her rowdy group of girls dressed up in their football gear with face paint and all, over on Rich and Mike Estrada’s boat.  Last year, this boat was the big winning boat bringing home the champion and the third biggest fish for the tournament on the very last day!!  Today they certainly had a wonderful day but just caught 4 for the day.  2009 Champion Shari Medley caught a 25″H while Michelle’s daughter Makaila Hollon caught her VERY FIRST STEELHEAD EVER with a 24″W!  Congratulations Makaila!  Then Miss Marcie Fox caught two fish…the first one also being her VERY FIRST STEELHEAD EVER as well!!  26″H and 26″H!  Thanks for coming again this year and these ladies are again already booked for next year!

Sam and DUB had the Chris Coy group today!!  These ladies have been coming back again and again to WWB!!  They boated 7 fish in all!  Mindy Pratt caught a 22″H while Neva McGregor caught two fish–a 23″W and a 23″H!  Chris Coy caught 4 fish for the day–25″H, 30″H, 24″H, 23″H!  Way to go girls!!

Finally, Mike W. and Casey Green had the Veronica Giustino group who came all the way from the Laramie/Cheyenne, Wyoming area!! They saw our special on the Outdoor Channel and decided this is definitely something they wanted to be a part of!  And we are so glad they did!  Every single lady on this boat caught a fish today with a total number of 12!!  That is the BEST!  Tracy Fletcher caught a 24 1/2″H; Tory Fletcher caught a 26″W; Beverly Sanchez caught a 22 1/2″H; Rebecca Jansen caught a 26″H; Marilyn Johnson caught a 24″H!!  Veronica Giustino caught two fish–24 1/2″H, 26″H; Jackie Peterson caught two fish–26″H, 22″W; and Laura Williams caught 3 fish–24″H, 27″H, 23 1/2″H!  Thanks Ladies for coming from so far away!  We sure hope we see you again next year!!!