We’ve got some lead changes already, so I’ll get started right away!  Rich and Mike Estrada headed up to Spring Bar today with the second day of fishing for the Wendy Hafer/Sam Logan group.  These ladies always fish two days and split their group to fish their tournament days 3 on the first day and 3 on the second.  Carrie Homburg (NON-tournament day) caught a 23″ keeper and Wendy Hafer (also a NON-tournament day) caught a 24″ keeper!  Sam Logan (TOURNEY DAY!) caught a 30″ Wild fish for the biggest fish on their boat for the day! 

Back at Hammer Creek, Sam and DUB took the Montana crew of Erin Knutson and pals out for a day of fun and fishing!  They did quite well with 5 fish caught overall!  Jessica Barta caught a 29″ hatchery keeper while Charene Herrera and Erin Knutson both caught 30″ fish–one hatchery and one wild!  Jennifer Crofts caught a 23″ keeper and a 31″ wild fish!!

Also down at Hammer Creek, Tony and Casey had the Kathy Wilder group!! We’d like to give a big shout out to Kathy…unfortunately, Kathy’s best friend passed away just days before her tournament day so she wasn’t able to join us.  However, her group must have dedicated this day to her and fished their hearts out, catching a total of 10 fish for the boat!!  Lori Hale caught a 29 1/2″ wild fish and Jane Mowry caught a 32″ keeper!  Kris Collins and Deb Jenkins both caught two fish: Kris–28″ W, 34″ H; Deb– 29 1/2″H and a 35 1/2″ H!!  Deb’s 35 1/2″ keeper is now the BIGGEST FISH SO FAR!!  But it looks like Jessi Brannock is going to take the lead for most fish with 4 fish caught today!! A 25″ W, a 25 1/2″ W, a 27″ W, and a 31″ W (108 1/2″)!!  Tony said Jessi unfortunately lost one or she would have had 5 fish for the day!! Great job ladies!!

Deb Jenkins with her 35 1/2" HAWG!!

 But we’re not done yet!  Mike and Jeff took Melissa Blimka (Owner of Seven Devils Saloon and Steakhouse) and friends up to Spring Bar where they got into some fish too!  12 fish were caught today by this group!!  Rene Irminger caught a 22 1/2″ keeper, while Sally Craner caught a 30″ keeper–her last cast of the day and her very first Steelhead ever!  Three ladies all caught two fish each!  Camrie Thomas caught a 22 1/4″ H and a 25″ H!  Marla Heckenlively caught a 27 1/2″ H and a 33″ H!  Shelly Price caught a 25″ H and a 32 1/2″ W!!  But LouAnn McCune’s first Women with Bait ever ended up treating her well as now she’s our new MOST FISH LEADER!!  She caught four fish today with a total of 109″, putting Jessi Brannock’s 4 fish total of 108 1/2″ into 2nd place.  LouAnn’s fish: 25 1/2″H, 30″ W, 32 1/2″ W, 21″H!  Ladies…it doesn’t get any closer than that…a 1/2″ between first and second!!!  Holy Smokes!  See you next week as we’ll have another boat going out on Thursday!! See you soon! 🙂

The BLIMKA BOAT!! WHATTA FUN CREW!!! Stop by Seven Devils Saloon and Steakhouse to meet them in person!!

DON’T FORGET LADIES!! The Fish Dance is on Saturday, March 5th at Seven Devils Saloon!! On this same day–all day and right up until the Fish Dance will be our CRAB FEED FUNDRAISER to raise money for the boat races!!!  DON’T MISS EITHER OF THESE EVENTS!!! Fun, food and great music will be had by all so don’t miss a thing!! Call 1-800-524-9710 for more information!


MOST FISH–(1)LouAnn McCune, 4 fish/109″; (2)Jessi Brannock, 4 FISH/108 1/2″; (3)Amy Cardenas, 3 FISH/87 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (2)Amy Cardenas, 34 1/2″; (3)Kris Collins, 34″

SMALLEST FISH–LouAnn McCune, 21″.