Greetings all!  Today we had 1 drift boat group and 3 jet boat groups on the water and yes, we’ve got lead changes!!!  Things can really change quickly in 24 hours up here at Women with Bait!!! 

First off, Norm Klobetanz took a couple of Oregon Ladies out with him and they both did very well!!  Mikelle Willis caught two fish: 24 1/2″W and a 23″H; while Julie Spindler also caught two: 22″H and 31 1/2″W!!  Norm said they were both two for two…nice stats girls!!!  Thanks for making the drive over from Bend, Oregon!!!  See you next year!

Next up, we have Sam and Mike Estrada taking the Amy Wilson group upriver above the end of the road!  They finally got the last of the ice out of Bull Creek, so all the boys thought they’d give it a try upriver today!!  It was a great decision as this boat caught 10 fish for the day!  Local gal Dru Swopes brought in a 31″keeper, while friend Jana Nearing caught a 32 1/2″ wild fish!  Melinda Wudarcki was on a roll with three fish today–23″H, 28 1/2″W, 30 1/2″H!!  But the boat’s big winner (and now our 2ND PLACE MOST FISH winner) is another gal whose roots grow deep here in the Salmon River Canyon–Andrea Yoakum!!  She caught five fish today for 136 1/2″!!  Her stats are: 23″H, 33 1/2″W, 31″W, 24″W, 25″H!!!  Way to go Andrea!!

What a BLAST! Amy Wilson and friends ham it up on their WWB BOAT!

The next upriver boat that also had a great day with 13 fish total was that of Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber!!  They took the Stephanie Johnson crew and these ladies had a ball reeling in all their fish!!  Carol Coombs caught a 22 3/4″H; Michelle Modrow caught a 22 1/2″H; Melissa Karabinus brought in a 31 1/4″W; Lori Lewis caught a 30 1/2″W; LeAnne  King caught a 27 1/2″H; and Anna Wallace caught a 24 1/2″H!  Teresa Colebrook caught three fish today–32″W, 26″H, 23″H!  But trip leader Stephanie Johnson was the catch of the day with four fish–24 1/2″H, 30″W, 22 1/2″W, and 23″H!  Nice job ladies!!!

The Stephanie Johnson Bunch--look out fish cuz here they come!


Last but not least, was the team of Rich Friend and “DUB” (I like to call him “DUB-A-LICIOUS” or “RUB-A-DUB”–he goes by pretty much anything!!)!  They took Nancy Petross and company out today and their boat caught 20 fish in all!!  We also have two lead changes on this boat so pay close attention!!  EVERYONE CAUGHT FISH TODAY!  Nancy herself caught a 23″W while Nanette Allison caught a 33″W!  April Smith caught a 25″H!!  Jonna Duvall caught two fish today–a 23″ and a 28″ fish…both hatchery keepers!  Kerri Phillips caught two fish also: 28 1/2″H and a 34″W!  Kerri’s big fish tied her for THIRD PLACE BIGGEST FISH so far!  Gena Ceresero caught three fish: 29″H, 29″W, and a 30″H!  But the two leaders of the day on this boat both caught 5 fish each!!  Jill Ogburn’s five totalled 123 1/2″ to put her into 3RD PLACE MOST FISH! Her scores were” 23″W, 33″W, 20 1/2″W, 25″H, and 22″H!!  By the way, Jill’s 20 1/2″ fish also puts her in the lead for SMALLEST FISH!!  Hey…that’s worth a new rod and reel!!  Then Marni Ocamica’s five fish totalled 137 1/2″ to put her into FIRST PLACE MOST FISH!!  Her stats: 21″H, 33 1/2″H, 29″H, 23″H, 31″W!!  Congratulations ladies!!!  That’s amazing!

April Smith with her "Catch of the Day"!

TOP: Gena Ceresero, Nancy Petross, Kerri Phillips, Nanette Allison, Jonna Duvall, Jill Ogburn, "DUB" aka Justin Whitten. BOTTOM: Rich Friend, April Smith, Marni Ocamica. COOLER: LOTS-O-FISH!


MOST FISH–(1)Marni Ocamica, 5 fish=137 1/2″;  (2) Andrea Yoakum, 5 fish=136 1/2″; (3)Jill Ogburn, 5 fish=123 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (2)Amy Cardenas, 34 1/2″; (3)TIE: Kris Collins & Kerri Phillips, 34″

SMALLEST FISH–Jill Ogburn, 20 1/2″