Greetings!!  We had the joy of the Pink Flamingo’s today with Tony and Casey!!  These ladies are so much fun and have been coming to Women With Bait for years now!!  They always come dressed in their “flamingo” gear and we love to see it!  Only 4 fish for this boat today, but definitely a good time had by all!  Terrie Jones caught a 22″H; Kristy Hunt caught a 24″H; Hazel Thompson caught a 30″W fish and Linda McDonald caught a 23″H!  We think that due to some warmer temps, the fish might have been sunbathing rather than looking for the bait! Better luck next year ladies because WWB wouldn’t be the same without you to come back here and catch some more fish!!!

The Pink Flamingos!

Next up we have Mimi Beutter and friends upriver with Rich and Mike E.!  Only 5 fish for these ladies today but again, we’re sure there was a need for suntan lotion as the temps got into the 70’s in the Riggins area!  Renee Miller caught a 30″W fish, and so did Karen Roberts!!!  Jennifer Erickson caught a 27″W and Adri Hicks caught two fish today–a 34″H and a 35″W which puts her into a tie for 2nd Place BIG FISH!! Congrats Adri!!  And thanks to Mimi for always being her smiling self!!!

Sam and DUB took the Sheila Cather group, hailing from Lolo, Montana!  They did two better than Rich’s boat and brought in 7 for the day!  Sheila herself was able to take home a 22″H while Sharle Jones took home a 23″H!  Robin Lee caught two fish–a 32″W and a 21 1/2″H!  But Shari Kappel took home most fish for their boat today with three! 35″W, 27″W, and a 31″H!  And yes, Shari now will be sitting in a 3-way tie for 2nd Place BIG FISH!!  Hmmmmmm….how in the heck are we going to split that necklace up in to three pieces?  Maybe we could arrange custody or something.  We’ll have to see!

Last but not least, the final boat for the day was that of Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber with the Shaun Mulberry crew!!  What a fun bunch these girls are, travelling all the way up from Idaho Falls!  11 fish in all were caught on this boat!!  Sandy Frickey caught a 31 1/2″H, Shaun Mulberry and Trina Pollman tied with three fish each!  Shaun’s: 33″H, 22″H, 24″H; Trina’s: 31″W, 32″W, 30″W!  But Wendy Regan caught four fish today!! Her stats were: 30″W, 28 1/4″H, 31 1/4″W, 24″W!!  Congrats Ladies!!!

See...I told you it was t-shirt weather! Nice Fish too!



MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Marni Ocamica, 5 fish=137 1/2″;  (3) Andrea Yoakum, 5 fish=136 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (2)TIE: LaJean Humphries, Adri Hicks, Shari Kappel, 35″; (3)Amy Cardenas, 34 1/2″

SMALLEST FISH–Jill Ogburn, 20 1/2″