Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  The only thing that is really and truly great about this holiday is that chocolate is usually on sale!  ‘Nuff said. :-)~

Two boats out today and both upriver! First out was Rich and Mike E. with our very own SALMON RAPIDS LODGE girls!!  I’m always so happy when these girls finally get to go out and cut loose with some jet boating and fishing!!  They do so much to make River Adventures and all of our customers feel so very welcome at the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge…please make sure you give them a very special thank you the next time you see them!!  What a wonderful facility and excellent staff!  Only four fish for these ladies but they still had a very nice day!!  Laurie Blackner caught a 22 1/2″H while our sweet girl Glenna McClure caught a 28″W!!  Barb Galli caught two fish today–a 29″H and a 33 1/2″W fish!  Way to go girls and thanks again for all the excellent service!!

Mike W. and Jeff had a mixed group of ladies today who joined forces to fish the wilds of Idaho and the Salmon River!  10 fish in all were caught with almost every single gal catching!  Della Paine caught a 32 1/2″W; Andrea Wurtz caught a 27 1/2″W; Mariah Courtright caught two fish–a 24 1/2″H and a 27″W; Tami George caught a 27″H; Pat Wilder (Tourney Day–she’s fishing later in the tournament just for fun) caught two fish–22 1/2″H and a 32 1/2″W; Cathy Jerrems (Tourney Day–she’s also fishing later in the tournament just for fun) caught a 25 1/2″H!  But Mike Wallace’s own daughter Jessie caught two fish today and the biggest one caught on their boat–a 31 1/2″W and a 34″W fish!!  Way to go ladies and such a nice day!!

Jessie Wallace and her 34" fish!! Daddy's little girl!

 We won’t have any more reports until after the 17th!!  YAY…I’m all caught up for a spell!!  See ya’ll soon!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Marni Ocamica, 5 fish=137 1/2″;  (3) Andrea Yoakum, 5 fish=136 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (2)TIE: LaJean Humphries, Adri Hicks, Shari Kappel, 35″; (3)Amy Cardenas, 34 1/2″;

SMALLEST FISH–Jill Ogburn, 20 1/2″