Greetings!!  Today we had four jet boats out full of fun ladies!  At Spring Bar, Tony and Jeff took Tracy Warfield and crew out today, but unfortunately, they were only able to land one fish!!!  But it was a nice fish!!  Janet Neil caught a 31 1/2″H!!!

Janet Neil and her 31 1/2" keeper!!

Next up, we had Rich and Mike E. with the Judy Bauer group!   Judy won this whole thing a few years back and she’s back to try and repeat!!  Unfortunately, the fish gods weren’t on their side today as their boat only landed 2 fish.  Claudia Austin was the only gal who caught fish today…two actually, a 27″H and a 29″W!  Way to go Claudia and don’t give up girls!!  We know you’ve got what it takes…the fish just weren’t cooperating today!

Over on Mike W. and Casey’s boat, we had the Angela Snider crew!  They ended up with 7 fish today overall.  Ebby Titmus caught a 24″H; Shirley Bittick caught a 33″H; Brenda Cline caught a 22 1/2″H; and Paige Weast and Tyra Gluch both caught two fish each!!  Paige–25″H, 30 1/2″W; Tyra–22″H, 31″H!  Hope to see you all again soon!!!

Finally, Sam’s boat seemed to have a decent day with the Margene Ford group!!  They landed 11 fish today!  First time WWB’er Jill Norton caught a 23″H and Susan Robbins caught a 34 1/2″W!  By the way Susan…you are now also in a tie for 3rd PLACE BIGGEST FISH!!!  Faye Ferguson caught a 29″H!   Laurie Pillers caught two fish–a 27″H and a 33″W!  But Margene Ford and Francis Nagashima were battling it out to see who could catch the most as they both caught three fish each!!  Margene–23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 33″H; Francis–33 1/2″W, 23 1/2″H, 24″W!!  Way to go ladies and thanks for coming out!!!

Margene Ford and crew with Guide Sam Whitten and Bait Boy Brad Ford!!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Marni Ocamica, 5 fish=137 1/2″;  (3) Andrea Yoakum, 5 fish=136 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (2)TIE: Teri Jacobsen, LaJean Humphries, Adri Hicks, Shari Kappel, Michelle Harris, 35″; (3)TIE: Amy Cardenas, Kay Malone, Susan Robbins, 34 1/2″

SMALLEST FISH–Jill Ogburn, 20 1/2″