Holy toledo people…we’ve got lots to catch up on today!!  So let’s get right to it!

First out, we had Mike Hicks and his beautiful drift boat with the beautiful Correll girls today–Laurie and Jennifer!!  These ladies did well with three fish for the day!  Jennifer caught a 25″W fish while Laurie caught two fish–a 24″W and a 28″H!!

Next, we had Tony and Jeff on board with a mixed group of ladies today!  6 fish overall for this boat and fun had by all!  Destiny Huber caught a 21″H while her friend Michelle Glaze caught a 34″H!!  Julia Harrison caught two fish–a 28″H and a 23″H!  Mary Schmall, first time WWB’r, caught herself two fish as well–a 27 1/2″H and a 23″H!!  Way to go ladies!!

Michelle Glaze, Mary Schmall, Destiny Huber and Julia Harrison with their catch of the day!

Then upriver we go to Rich and Mike E.!  They had boat #1 of the two boat group of Shelley Rambo!  These were all pretty much first-timers and they had a ball today!  They boated 9 fish for the day!  Cyndi Landis caught a 29″H; Deb Joseph caught a 24″H; Alana Hansen caught a 23″H and Robin Hausheer caught a 31″W!  Nikki Clampitt caught two fish today–a 30″H and a 23″H!  Debbie Wagner was the fish-slayer today with three fish–a 32 1/2″W, a 20 1/4″H and a 24″H!  Debbie now has the smallest fish caught so far!!

Over on Mike W. and Brad Sawyer’s boat, we have the Cherie Collins crew!  They boated 12 fish today!  Chelsea Massengale caught a 26″H; Deanna Coy caught a 24″H; Char Widner caught two fish–a 31″H and a 33 1/2″W!  Tammie Astle also caught two fish today–a 33 1/2″H and a 29″W!  Mary Lorcher and Cherie Collins caught three fish each!!  Mary–31 1/2″H, 28 1/2″H and a 33″W!  Cherie–35″W, 22 1/2″H and a 34″W!!  Cherie is now added to the tied third place spot for biggest fish! Congrats Cherie!

THE SUPER-HEROS of Women with Bait! Shelley Rambo and friends!!

Okay folks…are ya sittin’ down in your favorite easy chair??  This is where it gets good!  Sam and DUB took the Shelley Rambo boat #2 today and they had a phenomenal day!  19 fish in all with a couple of position changes!  Local girl (who was sort of celebrating a little bachelorette fun today–by the way, she’s marrying one of our bait boys from yester-year–Jonny Hinton!) Linnaea Kibbler caught a 24″H!!  But everyone else on this boat caught three fish each…well, except for Shelley but we’ll get to her in a minute!  So Mel Carlson caught three–34 3/4″W, 24 1/2″H, 31″W; Karen Crosby caught three–32″W, 28″W, 34″W; Cindy Clancy caught three–33 1/2″W, 32″H, 33″W!  By the way, are you all paying attention to the SIZE of these FISH?  Cuz we’re not done yet…and you best be sittin’ down for this one!  Carole Clements…who by the way, back on February 20th, 2002, caught a 39″W fish that could not be counted as it was NOT a tournament day–it was her “just for fun” day as they’d chosen to go a second day.  Retired River Adventures guide Romine told me that everyone was pretty bummed for her that she couldn’t win a prize for that big fish anyway–just bragging rights.  So today…she caught three fish…a 23″H, a 30″W  …and…are you sitting down yet? A 38 1/2″W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So…I think we now have a new BIG FISH LEADER!!  Congratulations Carole!!!!  And guess what?  THIS ONE COUNTS!! 🙂

Carole Clements, Justin Whitten aka DUB and a 38 1/2"W fish!

And finally, on this boat, Mrs. Shelley Rambo…who has been coming for quite a few years on WWB!!  She and her amazing husband donate a prize EVERY YEAR to this tournament–we REALLY APPRECIATE Steve Rambo Jewelers and we want you to shop there too!!  So go and check them out in Boise at 902 Main Street, Downtown!!  Well, she finally caught some fish today.  SHE CAUGHT 6 FISH!!  She’s now our new 2ND PLACE MOST FISH gal!!  But check out the sizes of these fish!  Shelley’s stats: 33″W, 34″W, 33″W, 28″H, 30 1/2″H, 33″W!  Now that is some fine fishing!  Congratulations Girl!!

Shelley Rambo, realizing she just put herself into 2nd place with her 6th fish!


Shelley with Fish #6!! And of course DUB in his Warrior Princess outfit!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Shelley Rambo, 6 fish=191 1/2″; (3) Marni Ocamica, 5 fish=137 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2)Deb Jenkins, 35 1/2″; (3)TIE: Teri Jacobsen, LaJean Humphries, Adri Hicks, Shari Kappel, Michelle Harris, Cherie Collins, 35″

SMALLEST FISH–Debbie Wagner, 20 1/4″