BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Baby it’s cold outside!  We woke up this morning to 10 degrees here, with paddy ice at Riggins!  The boys had to scramble to come up with a plan and quick!  We had a conference room full of ladies who came a very long way to fish…not sit by the fire!  So Sammy started up the hill to check out the conditions, with Rich and Mike close behind.  Tony hung back trying to get his engine compartment to thaw out–even after putting the big jet heater on it for the entire overnight period!  (It didn’t even make a dent!)  He finally got that thing to warm a bit and they headed to Whitebird and Hammer Creek.  In the meantime, Sam, Rich and Mike reported Spring Bar wasn’t looking too bad…so we sent them up as far as SB.  Then, after a few more miles, they radioed and said for me to drive up to Spring Bar and send them on up to Carey Creek…we’re going to make this happen!  So eventually, we got everyone settled into their spots with all three upriver boats actually getting all the up to California Creek!  Whew…this ice can really give a person a headache!!!  So here is how they all did today!!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green took the Annette Gilmore/Debbie Longfellow crew today!  The only girl who was able to wrestle one in was Debbie’s sister Nani Morrison, who hails from Oak Harbor (Whidbey Island), Washington, with a 24 1/2″H!!  Thanks ladies for travelling so far!!  Debbie’s other sister Annie, also came from the Oak Harbor area and Annette’s crew hails from the Pocatello/Blackfoot areas!  These girls came from a long way and we sure appreciate their participation!

Our very own ladies who are near and dear to our hearts….JJ HOPKINS and clan went out today with Sam and DUB!  They only caught three fish in this freezing weather but they busted their humps to get these fish in!  Keep in mind, most MEN wouldn’t have worked as hard as these ladies did today to get these fish!  My dear friend, Joyce Pottenger caught a nice 32″H!!  Marsha Mead caught two fish today–a 31″H and a 34″H!  Speaking of which…are you all remembering to buy your Salmon River Chamber of Commerce Derby tickets?  Notice how big these hatchery fish are??  You could WIN BIG!!  Just ask me at the signup table in the morning at checkin!!!!

Downriver at Hammer Creek, we had Tony and Jeff with the Debbie Cullison crew!  These girls had a great day with 5 fish in all!  Debbie herself caught a 31″W!  Renee Hammonds caught two fish–a 29″W and a 32″W!!  My friend Lori Thomasen, who I have been telling for years to get her keister up here–FINALLY got on a boat this year and we’re so glad she did because she caught two fish today–a 30″W and a 35″W!!!  Way to go ladies!!

Jeff Wieber with Lori Thomasen and her 35" beauty-full fish!

Last but not least, we have some special ladies that I’ve personally known for at least a decade!  Rich and Mike E. took Michelle Jarrard and girls out today and what a fun and special time!  Phyllis Foster caught a 26 1/2″W and Debby Sloan caught a 23 1/2″H!  Previous BIG FISH winner Tracey Huey caught two fish today–a 23″H and a 26 1/2″H!  These ladies and I all used to work together back in the Albertson’s corporate office days.  Former trip leader, Dawn Coolbaugh, and myself started our WWB history over 10 years ago together with our very first boat up here.  We went with my father-in-law Romine and we had a wonderful time!!  Over the years, obviously we’ve moved up here and took over this business and the girls have stayed in the valley–but we never lost touch!  This year, Dawn had some serious medical issues that almost prevented her from coming fishing this year.  But you know what they say–you can’t keep a good fisher-gal down!!  Our little Dawnie-girl didn’t disappoint either as she showed us all–ain’t nothin’ gonna stop her as she landed a nice 29 1/2″W fish today!  Keep up the good and hard work Dawnie!!  We know you can overcome anything that gets in front of you!  We love you!!

Brad Sawyer with our friend Dawn Coolbaugh--still showing us how it's done!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Karen Frank, 7 fish=186 1/4″; (3) Shelley Rambo, 6 fish=191 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2):Linda Gould, Jenny Buckner, 36 1/2″; (3)Kathy Reynolds, 36″

SMALLEST FISH–Debbie Wagner, 20 1/4″