SLOW fishing today folks and still quite cold…bummer!  Sherri Potter’s girls went out with Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber and were only able to scrape up one fish today–caught by Krissy Murphy, a 28″W!  Way to go Krissy!

Dawn Paynter group...even though they didn't catch a thing...they had a REEL good time!

My mother-in-law Carolyn Friend told her son (my husband Rich) to take her fishing today!!  She also made her husband Romine…former guide extraordinnaire for RA!–to be the bait boy!!  Today was my sister-in-law Denice’s birthday so happy birthday to her!!  She was able to bring her young 12 year old daughter Sarah and her husband Rick along too!  What a nice time to be together on the river!!  Carolyn caught a 23″ fish and Angie Fritzer caught a 32″ fish!  Nice job ladies!

Sam and DUB had a little better luck on their boat today with 6 fish in all.  Nadine Burak and crew were out today and she told me herself they had a really great time!!  Thanks Nadine!!  Lisa Greer caught a 28″W fish while Rose Beebe caught a 23″W fish!  Sue Ryder caught two fish today–23 1/2″H and a 29″W!  Prudy Ronan caught two fish also–a 24″H and a 25″H!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Karen Frank, 7 fish=186 1/4″; (3) Shelley Rambo, 6 fish=191 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2):Linda Gould, Jenny Buckner, 36 1/2″; (3)Kathy Reynolds, 36″

SMALLEST FISH–Debbie Wagner, 20 1/4″