Hi again folks!  4 boats out today and the fishing is starting to pick up!  Tony had the Angie Dick group today and they caught 6 fish in all!!  Angie herself caught a 28″H, while Barbara Harrison caught two fish–a 29″H and a 30 1/2″H!!  JT Andrews caught three fish today!!  28″W, 24″H, 28 1/2″H!!

Our lovely 2nd place grand prize winner from last year and a very, very special friend of mine, Terri Hogmire, was on board today with her amazing ladies and also a very special guest who came all the way from PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, just to fish in our tournament!! Her name is Hallie Burnett and she’s with a wonderful organization called “Fishin’ Chix”!  Just log on to www.fishinchix.com for more information!!  THANKS HALLIE for all the cool Fishin’ Chix stuff!!  These ladies (and gotta say it…there were some husbands on board who caught 2) caught 8 fish today in all!  Terri herself caught a 32″W; Terri’s mom Delores caught two fish–a 34″W and a 30 1/2″W!  Diana Heintz caught three fish today!!  32″W, 27″H, 25 1/2″H!!  Thanks ladies–we sooooo love this group and so appreciate their friendship!

Diane Ford and crew were here today and went with Rich and Mike E.!  10 fish in all today for these ladies!!  Shannon Mead caught a 28 1/2″H; Lorie Forbus caught two fish today–30″H, 36″W.  Hey Lorie–you are now tied for 3rd place for biggest fish!  Jackie Dean caught 2 fish==23 1/2″W, 29″W–but so did Stacy Creek–35 1/2″W, 27 1/2″H!  But our little Diane caught three fish today!  She said this was the first time she’s ever caught fish on WWB!  YAHOO!  She caught: 30″H, 28″H, 24 1/2″H!!  Way to go girls!

Finally, Mike W. and Casey Green took our lovely ladies from Wyoming!!  Veronica Giustino come all the way from Laramie, Wyoming to fish this tournament!  They love it so much, they already have two boats booked for next year!  They had a stellar day today with 12 fish in all!  Laura Williams caught a 22″H! Ami Egge caught a 27″H; Jackie Peterson caught a 21 1/2″H; Tracie Fletcher caught a 32 1/2″H! Linda Mahaffey caught two fish–30 1/2″H, 28″W! Billie Jean Eckhardt caught three fish today! 27″W, 36 1/2″W, 33 1/2″W!  Billie Jean now is tied for 2nd place biggest fish with her biggest fish!  But Veronica Giustino was no slacker today as she also caught three fish! 33″W, 24 1/2″H, 24″H!  Thanks ladies and see you next year!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Karen Frank, 7 fish=186 1/4″; (3) Shelley Rambo, 6 fish=191 1/2″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2):Linda Gould, Jenny Buckner, Billie Jean Eckhardt, 36 1/2″; (3)Kathy Reynolds,Lorie Forbus, 36″

SMALLEST FISH–Debbie Wagner, 20 1/4″