LOTS to report today so I’m going to get right to it. 

Rich and Mike E. took Kresta Davis-Butts on their return trip to WWB!  These ladies caught only a few fish today but will definitely be back next year to get some more fish!!  Charlotte Wasia caught a 27″H; Darci Moore caught a 29 1/2″H; Kathy Plesner caught a 33″W and Kresta herself caught a 31 1/2″H!!  See you next girls!!  You girls are a great group!

Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber took Cindi Lou Baker and friends today!!  10 fish in all for these ladies and what a fun group of ladies these are!!!  Kallie Forsberg caught a 26″W; Karen Smith caught two fish today–21 1/2″H, 33″W!  Denise Matthiesen caught two fish–25″W, 33″W!  Cindi Lou caught two fish as well–24″H, 28 1/2″W!  Denice Lyman caught three fish in all today! 31″H, 32″W, 24″H!  Nice job ladies!

Okay…ya’ll probably ought to sit down again.  Got some pretty big news again that will probably shake things up!  Sam and DUB took the Kristie Osborn group out today–9 girls in all–and they went up the river–way up!  They caught 35 fish in all and Sam said they probably had a good 50 on but lost the rest….still sitting?  We have some new leaders so let me get to it!  Lara Raschke caught a 27″W; Amanda Dix is now tied for 3rd Place Biggest fish with her 36″W; Dotti Logsdon caught two fish–31″H, 30″W; Patti Strong caught three fish–35″W, 31″W, 33″H; as well as Tina Watson–she also caught three fish today–28″W, 34″W, 32″W! Tobey Huddleston caught four fish–34 3/4″W, 33 1/2″H, 33″W, 35″W!  Wendy Secl caught 6 fish–33″H, 34″H, 27″W, 35″W, 29″H, 26″H!  Angie Howe is our new 3RD PLACE MOST FISH with 7 fish and check out these sizes: 34″W, 32″W, 33″W, 32″W, 33″W, 32″W, 32″W for a total of 228 inches!!  But remember, this is how many fish you catch first, then the total inches breaks the tie…we’ll be doing that for the biggest fish folks too.  So that means that Kristie Osborn is now our new 2ND PLACE MOST FISH leader with 8 fish–they are a bit smaller than Angie’s, but all that matters is she caught one more!  Her scores: 25″H, 22″H, 28″W, 20″H (KRISTIE NOW HAS THE SMALLEST FISH TOO!), 23″H, 23″H, 27″H, 25″H!  WOW!!!  Congratulations to all you ladies and nicely done!!!!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Kristie Osborn, 8 fish=193″; (3) Angie Howe, 7 fish=228″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2):Linda Gould, Jenny Buckner, Billie Jean Eckhardt, 36 1/2″; (3)Kathy Reynolds,Lorie Forbus, 36″

SMALLEST FISH–Kristie Osborn, 20″