BOAT #1: Guide: Rich Friend/Deckhand: Eric Pardue (Vinegar Creek)

Mariah DeLong, 1 fish=23″ H

Mary Daughtery, 1 fish=23 1/2″H

Alyssa Troy, 1 fish=23″H

Kerri Ellis, 1 fish=23″H

TJ Jackson, 2 fish=31″W, 28 1/2″H–tied for 1st place big fish; 3rd place most fish with 59 1/2″

Michelle Laufenberger, 3 fish=31″W, 24 1/2″H, 29″H–1st place most fish with 84 1/2″; tied for 1st place big fish; 2nd place big fish

TJ Jackson and Guide Rich Friend with a 31" beauty!

Mariah DeLong Crew!