Angie Robinson

WWB Update:

Well ladies we are off and running!  Feb 1st and 2nd kicked off the tournament with a total of 5 boats out over the weekend.

Congratulations! to Mackenzie Woods (Guide: Sam Whitten, BB: Justin Whitten, location: Hammer Creek) who caught the biggest Hatchery Fish measuring in at 32”.  Mackenzie is also leading with the “most fish” with a total of 3 fish for the day.

So far, this is where we stand.

Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Mackenzie Woods (32”)

2nd Place: Katie Wood (31”)

3rd Place: Karen Martinez (30”)


Most Fish:

1st place:  Mackenzie Woods (3 fish)

2nd Place : Katie Wood and Tessa Howard (2 fish)


Next boats will be on the water Friday February 8th.  Good luck and fish on!