Angela Snider and Group 1

WWB Update:

Greetings Ladies,

The past two days have been good fishing.  A total of 8 groups of seasoned fisherwomen landed 67 fish (48 H, 19W). Yee-Haw!

Kat Whittaker held on to her 1st place spot with 34.5”.  Laurie Gurske is now sharing her 2nd place spot with Hazel Thompson who also landed a beautiful 34” Hatchery while fishing with Guide Tony Bradbury and Deckhand Casey Green.

Trina Polman - 1 of 4 fish - Way to go...


Shari Kappel, Angie McFadden, Sheryce Davis, Della Paine, and Trina Polman all caught 4 fish.  Way to go Ladies!




Shaun Mulberry group 021713

This is where we now stand:

Hazel Thomas


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Kat Whittaker (34 ½ “)

2nd Place: Hazel Thompson and Laurie Gurske (34”)



Paige Weast 33 5 Fish

Most Fish:

1st Place:  Angie McFadden (4 Fish/95 total Hatchery inches)

2nd Place: Shari Kappel (4 Fish/76.5 total Hatchery inches)

3rd Place: Chelsea Hough (4 Fish/73 total Hatchery inches)

Angie Mcfadden fished feb 18th 4th place most fish

WWB 2-17 Shari Kappel Wild fish

Megan Long 021813

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Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only  Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.