WWB Fish Dance Adwards

Hello Ladies. — We had Great Fishing Tournament this year and would like to shout out “THANK YOU” for such a Great Season….. All the Guides and Deckhands just wanted to say that it was a pleasure fishing with all of you ladies… so Thanks again and we hope to see you next year…

Note: If you fished on any day and have a picture you want posted to the website,  Please send it to [email protected], Subject “WWB Picture”, and we will get it added to your Blog date. Hey Prize Winners… We need pictures of you also….

Well,  the Last two days of fishing yielded numerous fish but did not break the current records. The Fish Dance was a huge success and we hope everyone had a great time…

Here are the Final Results.

Biggest Fish:

Kat Whittaker Wins Biggest Fish Package     WOW.. Kat's 34.5" Steelhead...

1st Place: Kat Whittaker (34 ½ “)

2nd Place: Doloras (34 1/4″ )

3nd Place: Hazel Thompson , Laurie Gurske and Angie Dick (34”)

4th Place: Paige Weast, (33.5″)

Hazel Thomas     Paige Weast 33 5 Fish

Most Fish:

Marcia Davis Wins First Place Most Fish Package

Tish and Marcia Davis with Deckhand Chad Hopkins

1st Place: Marcia Davis (5 Fish/52.5 Total Hatchery inches)

2nd Place: Tish Davis (5 Fish/52 Total Hatchery inches)

3rd Place: Kathy Reynolds (4 Fish/105.5 Total Hatchery inches)

4th Place Angie Mcfadden ( 4 Fish /95 Total Hatchery inches)

Angie Mcfadden fished feb 18th 4th place most fish

Tish and Marcia Davis - Double Trouble on the Salmon River

K Steiner wins raffle for Klim Jacket Donated by Grizzly Sports

Marcia Davis win raffle for Antler Wine Bottle Holder donated by Unique Antler Design

Click Here to view catch records for all Tournament Participants

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only  Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.