WWB Update 03-03 to 03-05

“Water is the most essential element of life, because without water you cannot go fishing.”

Hey ladies, the fish are still biting and we are catching a lot of fish, but no one can seem to get anything bigger than 33″. ( Cross your fingers Judy Bauer).

Note: The tournament isn’t over until the last fish is pulled into the boat on Saturday 03-11-17.  So Keep Fishing hard ladies and let’s get some bigger numbers. They are out there, but you just need to hook them up and get them in the boat.

Brenda Jess Floydine Dorothy Charity Karlene and Tammy fished with Eric and Cody and had a great day on the river!

Floydine Egurrola catches a Nice 29.5″ keeper

Brenda Houser poses with her beautiful 28.5 ” Keeper

Brenda Houser also catches a 24″ steelhead!

Charity Morales poses with her nice 28″ steelhead!

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Boat Captain Rob Pottinger, Dasaro Boat

Dasaro Boat – BITCHES WITH NO FISHES, Fish N Game Group Pic,Alana Dasaro, Yvonne Pfeifer, Jodie Davila, Dina Hardaway, Tanya Vandermeer, Lindsay Barretto , Jessica Reid, Angie Arnson

Dasaro Boat – BITCHES WITH NO FISHES, Girls and Jello Shots

Dasaro Boat, Alana, Boat Organizer

Girls at Cabin Dasaro Boat, BITCHES WITH NO FISHES

Girls on Rocks, Dasaro Boat – BITCHES WITH NO FISHES

Jess & Lindsay – Dasaro Boat

Jodie – Dasaro Boat

Russell & Tanya Dasaro Boat


Jen Gerlach catches a nice 22″ Keeper

Jess Ferdinand poses with her 27″ beautiful Steelhead

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2016 WWB Prize Packages

Jill Flabel catches a 27″ keeper. Way to go Jill!

Jody Luck poses with here beautiful 31″ keeper

Debbie Rhode catches a nice 23″ steely!

Jessica Conner reeled in a nice 27.5″ keeper

Amanda Dilenge catches a beautiful Wild Steelhead

Andera Yoakum catches a nice 28″ keeper.

Viki Currie catches a beautiful 29″ steely

Jessia Sherbondy Group enjoy a nice day on the Salmon River!

This is where we now stand:

Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Judy Bauer – 33.00″ Fish

2nd Place: Michelle White – 32.50″ Fish

3rd Place: Kristen Rahn, Connie Hanson, Kathy Allen – 32.00″ Fish

4th Place: Kassa Hartley – 31.50″ Fish

Most Fish:

1st Place: Rhonda Kingrey, Ginnie Nicholson, 3 Fish – 22.0 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Karen Owens, 2 Fish – 60.0 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Brenda Houser, 2 Fish – 57.5 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Connie Hanson, 2 Fish – 32.0 Hatchery Inches

Click Here to view catch records for all Tournament Participants

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only  Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.