WWB 2018 Update 02-16 to 02-17

“I always say, ideas are like Fishing”

The Fishing is getting Better and Better. Despite the rough weather, these ladies are bringing in the Fish. Eric and Cody’s Boat pulled in 13 Fish over the last 2 days yesterday and Mike and Thomas’s Boat brought in 7. Richie and Brian’s boat caused the Leader Boards to have a BIG change yesterday. Congratulations goes out to Michelle Colton who takes over First Place Biggest Fish with a Huge 32″ Keeper. Way to Go Michelle, This one will be hard to beat!!

Check Out the Current Count records for the last couple of days to view the increase in numbers… Way to go ladies, Keep it up…

Michelle Colton Jumps into First Place Biggest Fish with this 32″ Keeper.

Looks Like the Gilmore Group had a Great Day on the Water.

Rachel Eidal’s Group did great up the Big River.

These Keepers are Beautiful!

These Keepers are Beautiful!

These Keepers are Beautiful!

These Keepers are Beautiful!

Tiffany and Amanda caught a couple Keepers.

Tiffany and Amanda caught a couple Keepers.

Remember, This year we have added a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place category for  the “Fishiest Boat Prize: Most/All Fish Combined”. Check out the Prize Package below for details.

Carolyn Howe’s Group Slayed the Fish on their Trip with Eric and Cody!

Carolyn Howe’s Group Couldn’t keep the Fish off their Hooks.. Way to go Ladies.

Laura Stone, Chad “The Bait God”, Lisa Kerrick, Kristan Stevens, Kristen Goodwin, Chandra King, Jolene Bernier, Jessica Buffaloe and Captain-Sam.jpg

Kristan Stevens Catches a nice wild one.

Laura Stone catches a Beautiful Steely.

Lisa Kerrick, Kristen Goodwin, Chandra King, Laura Stone, Kristan Stevens, Jolene Bernier, Jessica Buffaloe

Beautiful Day on the River

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Telori Volk’s Group had a great time on the River

Telori Volk’s Group Brought home some Fish..


Check out our prize packages and get ready to reel in a prize of your own.

2018 WWB Prize Packages

Check In is at The River Adventures / Gradient Shift Store in Downtown Riggins ID.

Here’s were we Stand Now.

Current Count

Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Michelle Colton – 32.00″ Fish

2nd Place: Kari Elwood – 30.00″ Fish

3rd Place: Pam Young-Miller – 28.00″ Fish

4th Place: Kris Nolte – 27.50″ Fish


Most Fish:

1st Place: Kari Elwood, 4 Fish – 79 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Brette Shakespeare, 4 Fish – 72.5 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Lisa O’Connor, 3 Fish – 73 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Jaynelle Sage-Norman, 3 Fish – 24.5 Hatchery Inches


Fishiest Boat:

1st Place: Kristin Stevens’s Boat – 32 Fish

2nd Place: Laurie Anglen’s Boat & Janet Martinez’s Boat – 21 Fish

3rd Place: Carolyn Howe’s Boat – 17 Fish


Click Here to view catch records for all Tournament Participants

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only  Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.