We had such a great family fishing trip in Hells Canyon a couple weeks ago, it was a Birthday surprise for Rick. The story behind wanting to go back to the Imnaha area and the day they had planned is…..awesome.

Hunting Fishing

Glassing the canyons

Last year Jessica drew a once in a lifetime hunt, for bighorn sheep in the unit near Imnaha, Oregon, which is near Hells Canyon. Jessica, her husband Joe and father-in-law Rick went on this hunt. Rick watched the action from a ridge away as Jessica got to achieve her goal of harvesting a Ram with her husband by her side. If that special memory wasn’t enough, they just really fell in love with the area and talked about wanting to get back and experience Hells Canyon from a different perspective.

Bighorn Sheep

Jessica and her Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Joe, Jessica, Rick & the Ram


Fast forward a little bit, Jessica & Joe and the family have a trip planned with the whole gang to go back to Imnaha for Rick’s 60th Birthday. They were going to explore, ride the side by sides, relax, and enjoy family. They decide they would love to surprise him with a fishing trip in Hells Canyon, they thought it would be really cool to ride the side by sides down the Dug Bar Rd to the Snake River and get on a jet boat from there. Joe gives River Adventures a call to see if we could make that work. We were definitely in! They had hoped to keep it a surprise up until the point they got to the boat ramp, but Jessica said they ended up giving him a card for his Birthday and telling him they got him a Hells Canyon fishing trip, still somewhat surprising him when he realized the whole family was going to go! Jessica said he was so excited and happy, and his smile on the boat all day showed that! Turned into an excellent 60th Birthday Surprise and we all had a blast and we are so happy that we got to be a part of it! Check out the link for a special video celebrating Rick’s birthday and this fishing trip! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsYJkxOEDZs

Birthday Boy Hells Canyon

Birthday Boy!

Thank you guys again for choosing River Adventures to take you on this special Hells Canyon Birthday Fishing adventure!