Another epic day on the Salmon River! We had some clients that we take fishing every year and always enjoy them coming back. The trip leader, Dan, has family in Riggins he makes the trip out here all the way from Georgia and brings some buddies. The fishing was still a bit slow, but still we got into couple steelhead and a few big ol’ Bull Trout. The big Wild Steelhead we got landed though definitely made up for it though! Was very exciting! They were doing some prescribed burns in the area and it was a little bit smokey but made for some magical scenery, and the bighorn sheep are down at the river for us to view.

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salmon river canyon

Magical Salmon River

Salmon River Bighorn Sheep

Rams in Salmon River Canyon


Dan had so much fun he had to come back for round 2 yesterday, bringing local family and friends. We didn’t get into any monster wild fish today but still landed a couple hatchery keepers. Making for some happy fishermen….err women! Yep, the ladies seemed to rule the day today, Karen and Smitty caught both the steelhead keepers.  The smoke has cleared and it felt a little brisk upriver this morning, the sheep are still hanging down to show off for us. The steelhead sure seem to be showing up a bit more and more, we are looking forward to the next few trips for sure, stay tuned! 🙂

Steelhead Fishing

Dan trying his hand at it from the bank.

steelhead fish

Karen and her steelhead

Steelhead catch

Smitty was really excited for her keeper fish!