Last week Captain Rich drove “Prouty”, our infamous Hells Canyon Tour boat,  downriver from Pittsburg Landing, out of the normal route, to storage in Lewiston at Bentz Boats. Bentz is the company that built us our Prouty. It was a family affair as Romine, Rich’s dad, went with. You can hear a bit of their family history on the Salmon River on our Salmon River jet boat tours ;). Romine rode to Pittsburg Landing and after they got the boat in the water he took off to drive the pickup and trailer to Lewiston to be there when Rich got there with the tour boat to take it back out of water and transport it to storage. We like to take it up there for a few reasons, we know Bentz will keep it safely stored and  it makes it easy for maintenance and tune ups before we kick off our next season of Hells Canyon tours. It is a bit easier for Rich to drive it down the Snake River too because pulling it up out of Pittsburg Landing, requires Semi or Dump truck pulling capacity, and it is slow going process. So, cruising downriver they go, and it was apparently a chilly ride on the tour boat! When they got there that morning, it was too cold to get the curtains down and stretched to button up, so they had a brisk ride to say the least! They still enjoyed the scenery of the lower part of Hells Canyon and were able to snap some pictures.

Check out our Hells Canyon Video to get you pumped up for next Summer’s tour season!

See you in the Spring, Prouty!

Lower Hells Canyon

Downriver to Lewiston we go!