Hey ladies! This food drive is a really great thing we are doing this year and we hope you are as excited as we are. Like we said before, we are going to do weekly drawings and the more stuff you bring the more chances you have to win, so we wanted to give you all the details on that! Items are to be dropped off at Canyon Creamery, next door to River Adventures, that is where you will get your tickets and be entered.

  • Bring your non-perishable food items when you come to fish, when we draw at the end of each week, we will be drawing from that week of fishing gals for prizes.
  • We are going to draw 2-3 tickets a week, every Friday.
  • Then at Fish Dance we will be putting ALL names back in a bowl and drawing AGAIN for some of our bigger Gift Certificate items.

How to get more entries:

  • If you bring-
  • 1-12 items = 1 ticket
  • 12-24 items = 5 tickets
  • 24-48 items = 10 tickets
  • 48-60 items = 15 tickets
  • 60-72 items = 20 tickets
  • 72-84 = 25 tickets
  • 84-96 = 30 tickets!
  • So on and so forth..for every dozen items the amount of tickets go up by 5!

This is all for a good cause and to have a little fun giving back! All prizes have been donated by businesses in our local communities and some of those are listed below, we still have more items coming in so we will update as we go!

Thank you to:

Mountain View Meats – Riggins, ID

Wilderness Eatery -Riggins, ID

Kuzns Kahili Club -New Meadows, ID

Brown’s Market – New Meadows, ID

Salmon Rapids Lodge – Riggins, ID

Riggins Motel – Riggins, ID

Wild River Adventures – Riggins, ID

Douglas Creek Sculpture Co. – Riggins, ID

Teresa Hinrichs – Riggins, ID

Patrick Condon -Riggins, ID

River Adventures – Riggins, ID

Gradient Shift – Riggins, ID

Canyon Creamery – Riggins, ID

Big Iron Motel – Riggins, ID

Tourist Trap Consignment & Your One Stop Gift Shop-Riggins, ID