Well ladies, the first day is here!

Check out our  2019 WWB Prize packages!

Cordova Prize Packages!

All of our prize baskets are sponsored by Cordova Outdoors in Nampa, ID and Seven Devils Steakhouse in Riggins, ID.

How awesome do these look??

Goody Bags are stuffed and ready for you ladies at check-in filled with cool stuff! Sponsored by MTN OPS and Gradient Shift!

Goody bags at check-in!

We sent out 3 boats of ladies this morning and we are ready at the shop for the rest of you, we have the decorations up and ready to rock this year! Canyon Creamery is open next door for your Food Drive drop off and caffeine fix!

Keep an eye on our blog for updates and send your pictures to [email protected]!

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Getting those sponsor banners hung, looking nice!