What a weekend we had, a lot of boats out every day and big fish with big lead changes!

Kicking Friday 2/22 off with Dawn Christian’s boat, bringing 3 nice steelhead in! Dawn landed a 32″ Hatchery which also lands her in 4th place Biggest Fish! Dusty Preece’s Team, Running Upstream, had a fun on the water and just one steelhead but it was a whopper! 36″ Hatchery Steelhead for Dusty which slides her into 1st Place Biggest Fish!! Our other boats out caught some wild fish and some trash fish!

We started having the snow storms move in Saturday and Sunday, so our fishing was a bit slower for the steelhead, But Glenna McClure’s boat found a nice honey hole and got 5 steelhead at Spring Bar. Rest of the boats had some luck with a few wild fish and definitely a good time! Rich’s boat on Saturday had a special treat too and they seen a Bobcat on the river, super rare thing to see and Devin managed to snap some epic pictures! Then on Sunday, Mike’s boat got to spy the mountain lion, Devin did get a short video of that too, check it out HERE! We also had a WWB longtimer, Judy Bauer. She has been coming to us for 18+ years, she was also the one that came up with the great idea for the food drive this year! She loves this community and we so appreciate you Judy!


Dusty Preece with her 36″ Keeper!! Congratulations girl!!

Dusty with her Captain Rusty and bait boy Chad, awesome fish!

Dawn Christian with her 32″ Steelhead!

Chris Coy, Fish on!!

Chris Coy 26″ hatchery steelhead!

Sharon Bailey with her 28.5″ Steelhead!

Tommy and the girls waiting for the fish to bite.

Amy Johnson with her wild fish!

Jessica and Tommy with her trash fish.

Dawn Christian’s crew, thank you ladies!

Definitely some trash fishing, she caught this speaker cover with her hook off the boat, cast it into the water, and reeled back in!

Fun times!


It paid off, bull trout catch!

Michelle Hollon’s group, showing their local athlete support for Leighton Vander Esch!

Bobcat on the Salmon River, so cool!

The girls had fun with Chad on Diane Ford’s boat.

Pure Bliss.

Glenna McClure’s 30.5″ hatchery!

Judy Dillon’s wild fish.

Beth Plagmann 26.5″ hatchery.

Deanna Legg with her 22″.

Deanna Legg’s 2nd catch, 29″!! Nice!

Awesome pictures by Tiffany Engle!

Casting out!

Waiting for that bite…


Thank you for your long time support of WWB, Judy!


Brodi with her wild steelhead catch!

Mandy sucking up to her sucker fish!

Tami with her 23″ steelhead!

Michelle Cornell’s group, first timers! Thank you ladies!!

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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Dusty Preece – 36″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Lori Reche – 34″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Nicole Brennecke – 33″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Dawn Christian – 32″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Cindy Woyak ~ 4 Fish – 81.5 Hatchery inches

2nd Place: TIE: Leslie Eisenbarth and Wanda Clagg ~ 2 Fish – 54 Hatchery inches

3rd Place: TIE: Brenna Brown and Krystal Pratt ~ 2 Fish – 53 Hatchery inches

4th Place: Deb Anderson ~ 2 Fish – 52 Hatchery inches.


Smallest Fish:

1st Place: Sarah McClain – 20.5 Hatchery Steelhead


Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.