We have O-FISH-ALLY got this tournament started on the Salmon River! Check out our 26th Annual WWB Prize Packages! Our first day had 5 boats out, these ladies had fish on their brains and got fish in the boat! It was a warm, great weather day!

Sandy Lowe’s group came back for their second year, and were determined to not get skunked this time. They went out with Eric & Cody at Spring Bar and hooked into a couple wild fish and got some keepers in too. Carissa Tullis with a 26″ Hatchery and a great 29 1/2″ hatchery has landed her in First Place for Most Fish and tied for 4th Place Biggest Fish! And these were her first steelhead ever, she was pretty excited! Other steelhead virgin, Tricia Tucker also landed one.

Carissa Tullis and her 29.5″ keeper!

Crystal Seller’s first fish! 24.5′ Hatchery!

Tricia Tucker with her catch!


Crystal Sellers second fish!

Speaking of our TIE, let’s roll over to Rusty’s boat with some first timers. Yolanda Meredith is tied for 4th Place Biggest Fish with a 29.5″ Hatchery. Trip Leader Stephanie Holt is now the leader of the tournament’s Biggest Fish with a 34″ Hatchery Steelhead! She is also in 2nd Place for Most Fish with her hatchery and catching a WILD one! Cami Jeppesen and Tannea Parmenter both reeled in some Steelhead too. These ladies were troopers all day! Looking forward to having them back next year!

Stephanie and her catch!

Tanea and Guide Rusty with her catch!

Cami Jeppesen all smiles with her steelhead!

Holt Group!

Stephanie Holt’s crew! Thank you ladies!

Another new group of ladies went out with Jake and Chad and had a really great time and caught a couple hatchery steelhead, Tara Taylor with a 24.5″ and KC Crage reeled in a 26 incher! Thank you ladies and see you next year! Jessica said she is bringing 2 boats next year!

Jessica Kaiser’s group with Jake and Chad!

Anne Noble’s fun group of ladies have been coming to fish with us for 6 years and they like to catch fish and have a good time while doing it. They got 3 to the boat, couple wild fish and one big hatchery! Cassanda Neider-Folkman…FIRST CAST, FIRST DRIFT… landed a great 30.5″ fish putting her in 3rd Place Biggest Fish and 4th Place Most Fish!

Cassandra with Captain Rob and Bait Boy Billy holding her big catch!

Anne casting it out baby bump and all!

Anne Noble’s Goup!

Another Group Picture, thank you ladies!


Up at Vinegar Creek, Rich took out Alana Dasaro’s group. These ladies are fishing machines! Even with a minor boat issue they still landed 6 steelhead to the boat, and Samantha Scheller got a 31″ Hatchery and a wild steelhead putting her in 2nd Place Biggest Fish and 3rd Place Most Fish!

Kaitlin Whitely’s steelhead first fish of the day!,

Liz Hosbein 23″ Hatchery!

Yvonne Pfeifer and bait boy Andrew with her steelhead!

Samantha Scheller’s first steelhead.

Samantha’s second Steelhead, the 31 incher!

Alana Dasaro’s group! Thank you ladies!

Dasaro Ladies striking a pose!

Next boat out is Wednesday! So keep those fish vibes going ladies!

Women With Bait supporter!

26th Annual WWB Prize Packages


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Stephanie Holt – 34″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Samantha Scheller – 31″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Cassandra Neider-Folkman – 30.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: TIE: Carissa Tullis and Yolanda Meredith – 29.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Carissa Tullis ~ 2 Fish – 55.5 Hatchery inches

2nd Place: Stephanie Holt ~ 2 Fish – 34.00 Hatchery inches.

3rd Place: Samantha Scheller ~ 2 Fish – 31.00 Hatchery inches. 

4th Place: Cassandra Neider-Folkman ~ 2 Fish – 30.5 Hatchery Inches.

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.