Heading into one our biggest weekends!


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We had Jamie Vaden’s boats – Snatch N’ Release Team- come to town so it kicked off with 3 of them on Thursday and 6 on Friday. 72 girls! Jamie brings them all to town and they always have a fun night getting to know each other, eating and playing game at Salmon River Inn next door. They always get into the themes for the weekend too down at Seven Devils, they just make a really fun weekend out of it and support the town in the process, pretty cool!

But first, there were a couple boats out on Thursday that weren’t part of the Vaden clan and they were Emily Musick’s! She brought 2 boat loads of girls to fish this year. they went out with Rob/Billy & Eric/Casey. They caught 8 steelhead between the 2 boats.

Katelynn Weatherly with her wild catch, an Emily Musick boat!


 Now for Snatch N’ Release!

All the Thursday boats all did pretty good, every boat caught steelhead, some more than others. Monika Katz was one of those more ladies, catching 3 fish and putting herself in 4th Place Most Fish! Nicely done, Monika!

Sydney Odham with her wild Steelie!

Nichole Covey, did an awesoem job reeling in this big wild fish!

Monika Katz with her 24″ Hatchery

Monika’s big one 31″

Monika’s third and a wild one, the fish and the bait boy! 😉

Heather Stuckart

Kelli Paddock’s one of 2 steelhead for her!

Friday was still a good day for the Snatch N’ Release team although we had a bit of an Icy start. The groups fishing at Vinegar got up there, girls loaded on boats in the water and ran into ice. We had to pull out and move down. All the boats fought low water and ice today making things a bit difficult but all the ladies shook it out with us, still having fun days with boats catching fish, steelhead and quite a bit of trash fish too! The biggest of the day and tying for 1st Place Biggest Fish at 34″ was Samantha Venable Harjo! Heck yeah, lady!

Nothing is stopping these ladies from getting to their boat and catching fish!

Bighorn sheep!

Ali Knox with her trash fsih.

Stacy Jones 29.5″ Steelhead!

Samantha and her 34 incher with bait boy Casey!

Samantha’s first place!

Jamie Vaden’s boat!

Dance Party!

Snatch N’ Release 2020, thank you so much ladies!!


Sat 2/22 & Sun 2/23

Slush and low water pushed everyone around for a couple days and all the river climate changed seemed to keep the fish from biting too. We had a couple boats still manage to hook into some steelhead, but was a bit of slow day compared to what we have had. From the sounds of it everyone had a great day on the river still though! Wendy Hook’s boat of some local gals caught an awesome 8′ 8″ sturgeon at Hammer Creek with Sam! Reeled in by Christon Medley. Super awesome. They had plenty of other trash fish and Miichelle Schleif on that boat did catch a wild steelhead.

Sunny day and Sturgeon equals smiles!

Holy Sturgeon!

Shari Medley with a big white fish


Christon Medley

Michelle with bait boy Andrew!

Karen Jackson with a wild catch, poses with bait boy Casey

Wendy Hooks group! Thank you ladies!

Shanna Legg wild one!


Monday 2/24

The ice finally cleared up for us and we had 3 boats out today, 2 back at Vinegar and one out of Spring Bar. The fish appreciated the change of weather as much as we did and decided to be hungry!

Connie Giannini’s group brought 4 to the boat. Autumn Ford a 24″ hatchery. Vicki McNaul and Lia White both reeled in a 25″. Kath Jo Zehr with a nice wild fish! They also nabbed a few trash fish too.

Kathy giving steelhead kiss!

Bull trout

Trash fish kisses!


Giannini Group! Thank you ladies!!


Carrie Bennett’s crew, team Pole Dancer’s, also had what she said was an awesome day and some awesome fishing! 5 steelhead to the boat! Almost everyone caught one. Carrie Bennett with a 28 incher. Betty Knox a nice 29″ hatchery. Michelle Clinton and Tracy Galemore also both caught hatchery steelhead a 25″ and 26″. Darci Jennings reeled in 21″. Awesome is right!

Betty Knox with her catch

Carrie’s beautiful steelhead!

Michelle! yay!

Traci with her nice one!


Jennifer Tripp’s ladies got into a few fish, with Patty Bauer reeling in 2 wild steelhead and Jennifer Palagi a good 22″! They said they had SUCH a GREAT and FUN day! Thank you ladies!

Patty’s 1 of 2!

Patty and Casey excited for steelhead!

Nice job Jennifer!


Stay tuned for a few boats out this week,  before we head into another busy weekend!


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Check out the 26th Annual WWB Prize Packages by clicking here!



Biggest Fish:

1st Place: TIE: Stephanie Holt & Samantha Venable Harjo – 34″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Mandy Clements – 32.5” Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: TIE: Lacy Cantrell & Ashlee Macfarlane – 32” Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Amber Jones – 31.5″ Hatchery Steelhead


Most Fish:

1st Place: Shelly Jenkins ~ 5 Fish – 28 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Brandi King ~ 3 Fish – 77 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Mandy Clements ~  3 Fish – 57.5 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Monika Katz ~  3 Fish – 55.5 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.