Simplot Transportation did it again this year for the Women With Bait Food Drive, teaming up with Jennifer and John at Riggins Whitewater Market this time.

Brian and Connie DeMond are both involved with Women With Bait and also dear friends of RA. Connie participates in the tournament and Brian is an awesome bait boy for us! Brian also just got US Coast Guard certified and is learning the river to guide. Brian also works for Simplot Transportation. Last year, Terry Threlfall, Brian’s boss gave them $500 to spend on items for the food drive after a conversation they had about the tournament. This year, he came right to Brian, saying let’s do it again!

Terry wanted to do business locally in Riggins too, though. So, Brian and Connie got with Jen and John over at our local market and they worked together.  They made sure to get the best deals, their pricing, and most ‘bang for the buck’. Coming up with $500 worth of canned foods! Stacks upon stacks were wheeled over to RA by John one afternoon.

The crew at River Adventures and this community are so very grateful, again, for this gracious donation by Terry Threlfall at Simplot Transportation and the teamwork with Riggins Whitewater Market. Terry, John, Jennifer, Connie, and Brian, you are all amazing people!





All of the items by Simplot Transportation were donated to Riggins Food Bank without being entered into the raffle.