The weather definitely warmed up for us which in turn the river warmed up, which seemed shut the steelhead down a little bit. It definitely took a lot of work and determination these past few days to get the ladies into the fish and for them to keep motivated! Thank you to our guides and baitboys for the patience! Ladies have kept poles in the water with excitement for catching non-steelhead fish too! We have seen some big bull trout! And catching some suckers and squaws and being able to feed the eagles, which is always a sight to see!

Talena Baer with Brandee Robbins group reeled in a wild one.


Pam Roberts’ (newbie group!) boat did pretty well with Pam catching a 25″ hatchery and Amanda Malmberg also a 28″. Chanelle Youren caught  a wild one! They had a great time on the river catching some trash fish too and will be back next year! Thank you ladies!

Pam is Connie Demond’s sister-in law (thank you for recruiting her Connie) Connie also had her boat out, they didn’t catch any steelhead but had a wonderful time as always with some trash fish caught.



Robert’s group at nipple rock!


Connie and Cindy!


Demond Group, thank you ladies!


Deidra Davidson with Kayleen McClenny’s boat caught a beauttiful wild steelhead. They told me they had SO much fun!

Katie Sievers also caught a wild fish with Valerie Uhlorn’s crew out with Robby and Billy!

Sunday Funday

Ericka Leigh and Diane Hines big group came to town – Team MILF – and had a pretty epic time, no steeleahd caught, but they did catch lots of trash fish and fantastic memories. Every year that this group comes the trip leader organizes a scavenger hunt throughout town, and all of the business let them hide things! They have so much fun doing it and it is quite the sight to see! Groups of ladies sprinting around town in a frenzy haha! Too much fun!



Heather and Rob

Scavenger Hunt!


Fish kiss!

Thank you ladies!!


Mariah DeLong



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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: TIE: Stephanie Holt & Samantha Venable Harjo – 34″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Mandy Clements – 32.5” Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: TIE: Lacy Cantrell & Ashlee Macfarlane & Chris Thornton – 32” Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Amber Jones – 31.5″ Hatchery Steelhead


Most Fish:

1st Place: Shelly Jenkins ~ 5 Fish – 28 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Brandi King ~ 3 Fish – 77 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Mandy Clements ~  3 Fish – 57.5 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Monika Katz ~  3 Fish – 55.5 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.