There is so much to see when you embark on a Hells Canyon Jet Boat Tour with River Adventures, but we are going to give you a top 3 right now!

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Kirkwood Historical Ranch & Museum

A beautiful stop on the tour, Kirkwood Ranch is rich with history. Having lush green grass, the original ranch house, and other outbuildings makes it boom with Hells Canyon history. Nez Pearce Indians and pioneer homesteaders make up the stories this area tells.

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Dry Diggins Lookout

This is looking towards Dry Diggins Lookout. It sits atop that furthest most peak you can see at about 7,800 feet. This is the highest VISIBLE point in Hells Canyon. An original lookout was built in 1932, it was about one mile southeast of the current site and it blew away in 1967. Dry Diggins present lookout built in 1968. You can access this lookout by trail. Although, you can’t see the He Devil, it is just beyond the Dry Diggins point there. He Devil s 9,393 feet above sea level, which then the canyon plunges 7,913 feet, which makes it the highest peak on the Idaho side and Hells Canyon the deepest canyon in North America.

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Hells Canyon Dam

At 32 Miles from your start at Pittsburg Landing, traversing thru Whitewater Rapids of Granite and Wild Sheep, we arrive at Hells Canyon Dam. Hells Canyon Dam was opened in 1967, being the third and final dam as part of the Hells Canyon Dam Project. It is quite the sight to see,