Needless to say, jet boat tours in Hells Canyon are a memorable and exhilarating experience. Before departing for your adventure, however, you must consider a few crucial things. We’re breaking down what to know before a Hells Canyon jet boat tour.

You Must Book Your Experience Wisely

Motorized boats don’t typically frequent the waters, so if you really want to enjoy the ride, you’ll need to book early. Additionally, because Hells Canyon is generally inaccessible via roads, you must know when you’ll arrive and depart well in advance. Otherwise, if you don’t plan, you may find yourself in traffic. Plus, the Snake River divides Mountain and Pacific time zones, so make sure you keep the time differences in mind as you consider your travel plans. Finally, because this area is secluded, the reception won’t be perfect. It’s essential that you plan accordingly for the spotty connections. Consider contacting friends and family before you head out—that way, they’re aware that you’re in Hells Canyon and having the time of your life.

You’ll Need To Pack a Swimsuit

You think you’ve packed everything, but often, people forget one very special item—their swimsuits. You probably wouldn’t think you’d need swimwear for a jet boat tour in Hells Canyon, but yes, you can swim here. Don’t miss your opportunity to swim, especially during the summer months. Plus, the water’s warm in the Snake River, and after you take a dip, there’s plenty more fun you can have in the area. Picture this: you jet boat one day, you swim the following day, and then you hike and picnic the day after that. Don’t all these activities just sound like they pair so well together?

The Boats Are Totally Safe

People know the Snake River for its waves. However, experienced captains will know how to navigate the whitewater rapids. That means you don’t have to worry about safety. In fact, a jet boating experience is fun for your entire family. Plus, if you book your experience through River Adventures, you can trust that we operate USCG-certified jet boats. Book your Hells Canyon boat tours with us, and you’ll experience days that you won’t soon forget.

So, there you have it—what we believe are three of the most important things to know before a Hells Canyon jet boat tour. You may be hoping for some more information, but truthfully, you’ll need to come out here and experience the thrill for yourself!