Wondering how to make your trip to Hells Canyon both thrilling, incredibly fun, yet altogether safe? While we’ve previously compiled a packing guide of everything you should bring for your boat tour, we’ve also put together a list of what not to bring on a boat. To best prepare for all the adventure that lies ahead, here is what to leave behind on your Hells Canyon boat tour.

Strong Aromas

A wide array of items can emit strong smells. Even if boating means that everyone is out in the open air, strong scents in the air may still be troublesome. If you regularly put on perfume or scented body sprays, it’s best to refrain from scenting up before the boat ride. These smells can attract pesky bugs or disturb those in close quarters around you. Use alternative sunscreens instead of a spray and refrain from lighting up cigarettes on a boat as well. Smoking is a dangerous fire hazard, and it’s not permitted anyway.

Plastic Grocery Bags

If you’re transporting food, drinks, and other personal objects to your Hells Canyon boat tour, please do not transfer them on board in a plastic grocery bag. If these plastic bags fly loose off the boat, they can pollute our rivers and be hazardous to wildlife on the water. We recommend carrying items in Ziploc-type bags for protection against water damage and to use sturdy cooler bags for any food items.

Messy or Crumbly Food

Out of all the things not to bring on a boat for your Hells Canyon boat tour, messy snacks are at the top of the list. Our day tour stops at the beach for a lunch break, where we provide lunch and beverages for our participants. You are welcome to bring along your own food and drink as well, but please be mindful of your choices. Sweets such as chocolate melt easily, and certain crunchy snacks leave behind crumbs and residue that are not ideal for clean-up when out on the water. We also ask that you please do not leave trash at any of the stops, but rather leave it on board. We will gladly take care of it for your convenience.

Glass Bottles and Containers

Similar to the ban of glass products in swimming areas, glass bottles and containers should not be brought along on the boat tour. We understand that glass is sustainable, but we ask that you opt for drink options such as ones that come in aluminum cans and recyclable plastic containers, as glass can quickly shatter and become a safety hazard. For the most enjoyable and worry-free ride, it’s better off to prevent potential risks.

Here at River Adventures, we offer the most incredible boat adventures of a lifetime. Our Hells Canyon boat tours on the Snake River can show you and your friends and family a unique perspective of the deepest canyon in North America. Our expert tour guides are professionals who present impressive views and historic information on this magnificent canyon. Let us provide an amazing day on the river. We look forward to seeing you out on the water!