It got FISHY this weekend! We have had great weather and even greater groups. The fish were biting and the ladies were catching them, with some big things happening on the leaderboard.

Friday 2/5

We had 5 boats out on Friday fishing at Vinegar, Spring Bar, and Hammer Creek. Each boat caught fish so that was an exciting!

Sarah Murray’s boat with Rich caught 11, each girl caught!!! Pretty cool and 3 of the ladies are in the running for prizes On that boat, Kelly Lewis caught 3, all hatchery fish which is putting her in 2nd Place for Most FIsh at 79.25 Hatchery inches. Way to go Kelly!! Sarah Murray also caught 3, 2 hatchery and a wild landing her in 3rd Place Most Fish with 56.25 hatchery inches. Sweet Sarah! Savanah Morgan with a triple catch as well results in 4th Place Most Fish with 55.75 hatchery inches. Shelly Cottet and Andi White caught some pretty wild fish. and Lori Neddo (Andi’s mom) caught her first ever steelhead, a beautiful big wild one and she was just over the moon happy! Andi was so happy and proud of her mom too! Such sweet memories, way to get it girls!

Kelly’s fish!

Kelly’s second fish!

And a third for Kelly! this one a 28″!

Andi pretty happy with her wild one, bait boy Brian happy too!

Kiss the Fish, Andi!

Andi netted!

ummm I don’t think Brian should have said something? Oh this cracks us up! All fun!

Lori and Andi, mother daughter time well spent!

Shelly’s pretty native!

Savanah’s first fish, a wild steely!

Second for Savannah!

To say Sarah was excited about this big fish would be an understatement!

Lori’s first Steelhead ever! and a beautfiul wild one at that, congrats lady!

Brian and Lori bother were really happy!

Kelly in it for her 3rd fish! Nicely done.

Sarah’s 2nd Steelhead!

Murray Group with Captain Rich!

Murray Group with Brian, Thank you ladies for being so awesome!


Over on Jeff and Chad’s boat, Jessica Frazier’s group had a great time. Amy Davis reeled in a 31.50″ hatchery! Breanna Bennet with Erika Stange’s crew on Sam and Beaud’s boat reeled in a nice wild one.

Amy Davis’ great catch!

Chad doing a sneaker selfie on the girls’ phone, you’re a funny one Chad!

Jess’ Group of gals! Thank you so much ladies!

Breanna Bennet with bait boy Beaud and her nice wild fish!


Back over on the Bartram boat with Eric and Cody. Cheree Bartram reeled in 2 hatchery fish, a 29.5″ and a 31.25″. Two very nice fish! Good job! Tara Lehman also landed a wild and Gabi Rhoades also caught a 29.5′!

Taylor Bradley’s bunch, Hook Line & Drinkers, were out with Rusty and Colt. They definitely did all of that! Kelsey Stutheit landed a good one and Laura Davis reeled in a 29″. Natalie Fulmer caught a 32″ and she is currently in 4th Place BIggest Fish! Nicely done on having a good time but catching some fish too girls!

Laura Davis! Nice job girl!

Hook, Line, & Drinkers!

Kelsey Stutheit’s fish!

The girls having fun with bait boy, Colt!

Natalie Fulmer’s 32′ keeper!

Taylor Bradley’s group! Thank you!

Saturday 2/6

Another great day on the river. All of our boats caught fish again, so that makes us all smile!

Kerri Tucker’s group with Rob and Billy had 5 to the boat. Karen Fuller with 2 keepers, a 29 and 27 incher! Carrie Shirley caught a wild one. Olivia MItchel a 29.5″ keeper. Danielle Kidd caught a 26er.

Captain Rob and Bait Boy Billy!

Shelby Franklin’s group, who was out with Mike and Tommy, helped Mike celebrate his Birthday! They also were able to reel in a steelhead. Amber Patton with a 28″ hatchery! Thank you for everything ladies, see ya next year!

Birthday boy!

Nicely done, Amber!

Amber with her keeper!

Birthday crown!

The For Reels team led by Birgit Luebeck were reeling in the fish! A pile of wild ones too. They were out with Rich and Brian upriver. Birgit, Amy Mowry, Vickie Laursen, and Valerie Fisher-Simmons all caught wild ones. Valerie also reeled in a 29″ hatchery. Amy Gullickson landed a 27.25″ keeper. Ladies, you rock! Thank you so much for coming!

Downriver on Sam and Beaud’s boat was a group of some local gals with Wendy Hook. Christine Medley caught a 31 inch hatchery fish. This may be a steelhead tournament but they had one heck of another catch too. A 9ft 2 inch Sturgeon!! It was definitely an exciting event, they almost lost it right at the back of the boat but Beaud saved the day and grabbed it! pretty crazy, check out the video below!


Jumping over to Eric and Cody’s boat of fisher ladies! Sandy Lowe’s group was in it to win it. Shawna Blomquist reeled in very pretty wild fish. Crystal Sellers was the most fish on the boat and is in 1st place for Most Fish too! A total 84 hatchery inches! Dang girl! Carissa Tullis landed a 32.5″ hatchery putting her into 2nd Place Biggest Fish! Fantastic job,

Sandy Lowe’s crew!


One of Crystal’s catches!

Shawna’s pretty one!

Carissa and Crystal showing the love to their steelhead!

Carissa showing off her 2nd Place fish with her crew, Captain Eric and Bait Boy Cody!

The whole gang with their keepers!

Sunday Feb. 7th!

We had a bit of a storm blowing in so it seemed like the fish biting slowed way down for us, bummer! We still had a few boats manage to get into them though.

Rich’s boat were the luckiest, he said it was all after 2 in the afternoon though. Apparently it got hot for just a bit but was slow for him until then too. Bre Albee’s team had a blast. They brought in 6, mostly wild fish. Kendall Ridgley, and Emily Nightingale both caught 2 wild ones. Jen Thornfeldt landed a 28″ hatchery. Megan Christiansen thought she was snagged up but boy she had a fish on! She reeled in a 32.25″ putting her in 3rd place Biggest! Good thing she didn’t release that snag 😉

Rachel’s gates boat also did well. Fishing with Sam & Beaud they had 3 in the boat. Rebecca Hudson landed a wild. Cindy Campbell with a 24″ hatchery. Nicole Doty caught a big on, 29.5″ keeper! Rachel along with Kathi Bruderer and Shelby Duncan’s boat all are one big group of 23 ladies that came and had a blast! Kathi Bruderer also landed a wild fish with Rusty and Colt. Kristy Lahtinen from Shelby’s boat also reeled in a wild fish with the guidance of Eric and Cody.

That’s it for now, congrats to our leaders!! These ladies are wanting those Cordova Cooler Baskets for sure! Keep following along for all the updates and keep your fingers crossed for good weather and even better fishing!


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27th Annual WWB Prize Packages


Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Joey Stewart – 34.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Carissa Tullis – 32.5″  Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Megan Christiansen – 32.25″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Natalie Fulmer – 32″ Hatchery Steelhead


Most Fish:

1st Place: Crystal Sellers ~ 3 Fish – 84 Hatchery inches

2nd Place: Kelly Lewis ~ 3 Fish – 79.25 Hatchery inches

3rd Place: Sarah Murray ~ 3 Fish  – 56.25 Hatchery inches

4th Place: Savanah Morgan ~ 3 Fish – 55.75 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.