The big ones are still out there…

What a busy weekend 6 boats out all weekend. Steelhead were caught and some big uns! We have had a shake up in the standings again even. As well as those bull trout seem to be making an appearance, they are always fun to catch too even if we’d must rather see a steelhead on the end of the line.

Friday 2/19

The Filthy Oars team led by Nikki Higashi went fishing with Rob and Billy, catching a couple! Chris Gallegos reeled in 25 incher. Rachel Griffin caught a beauty of a wild fish! Karrie Raine on Debbie Cullison’s boat landed a 23 incher.

Rachel with her wild!

Salmon River native Laurie Anglen with her team the So-FISH-ticates Ladies went out on the boat with her old school buds Rich and Chad. These ladies always have a great time and have been dealt some weather related hiccups in the past so they were happy to have gotten here after the snow to fish! They not only fished but caught too. Brette Shakespeare and Terry Elmore eached landed some nice Wild steelhead. Lisa O’Connor reeled in a big 31.75 inch keeper! Dawn Crochet the newbie in the group had beginner’s luck with a 25″ keeper!

Debbie Bolken’s crew with Mike and Brian upriver also landed some steelies to the boat. Debbie herself caught a 30.75 incher!! Kathy Wester with a 31.25″. Karen Jackson and Debbie Mason both reeled in some wild ones.


Dawn fish netted!!

Terry pretty excited about the bite!

Lisa with a fish kiss!

Terry super excited about her fish hitting the net!

Fish on!

Terry’s wild!

Terry’s trout catch!

Brette’s catch!

Dawn with her first steelhead!!

Lisa’s big one!

Chad and Meg enjoying the boat ride!

Captain Rich!

in the net!

Thank you ladies so much!

Chad and Laurie!

Saturday 2/20

Diane Ford’s fun loving crew went fishing with Sam and Beaud. Andrea Creek landed a wild fish a huge wild fish! and Emily Clifton a 28 incher! Out with Rob & Billy, Angie Radabaugh from Julie Davis’ group landed a nice wild steelie.

Andrea’s catch!

Emily Clifton!

Over on Michelle Cornell’s group of ladies out with Rich and Colt. Miren Uresti-Laughrin and Brodi Palmer both reeled in some wild steelhead, Andrea Morones and Miren both caught  28.5″ keepers! And Mandy Clements, the fish lady that she is, reeled in a 33.75″ Hatchery Fish putting her into 2nd Place for Biggest Fish! Mandy won a spot last year with Biggest FIsh for her 32.5 incher and also placed 3rd for Most fish last year with 3 fish 57.5 hatchery inches! Way to go girl!

Lisa Kerrick’s crew! They fished with Rusty and Brian, they didn’t catch any steelhead but they had a great day anyways!!

Mandy’s big one!!


no better sight than poles and the river!

Hold on Sandi!!

Boat cruising fun!

Miren’s catch!

yeah…we don’t know…haha

Brodi’s nice fish!

Cornell Group! Thank you ladies for all the laughs!

Sunday 2/21

Kayla Davis team, the Reelin Rebels, fished with Rusty and Colt. They were newbies this year, love getting new people into the tournament. They didn’t go home with any steelhead but they caught 9 bull trout! Gee! Kayla caught one that was like the biggest bull trout we have ever seen!! check it out below! All while 32 weeks pregnant, nicely done Kayla!

Reelin Rebels with Colt and Rusty!!

Kayla Davis group thank you ladies!!

On Stacie Burtis’s boat with Sam and Beaud, there were 2 wild fish to the boat. Amanda Bruesch and Raemi Nolvenko! NIce job ladies!


Sarah Brennan’s boat had a fun day on the boat with Eric and Cody. Andrea Metzler reeled in a pretty wild steelhead

Andrea’s pretty one, the fish….not Cody..

Judy Bauer’s fishing crew were here this weekend! Judy has been coming for 20 years!!! She has also won places in the tournament a couple, times biggest fish in 2017!! She is an awesome lady, all of her crew is! Out on the boat with Mike and Tommy they put some fish in the boat. Stacy Johns caught her first ever steelhead! a 26″ hatchery. Denise Peterson caught a beautiful 31″ hatchery fish.  Denise almost didn’t even make it to come on the trip, we are so happy she did!

Stacy’s first steelhead!!

Denise’s beautiful steelie!

Monday 2/22

Emilie Herbek’s group fished with Jeff and Colt today, catch 3 steelhead! Emilie herself caught a wild one. Ashley Fultz reeled in a 28er! Cassandra Brownlow a 22″ keeper.

Ashhley’s nice keeper!

Cassandra’s fish!

With Rich and Tommy, Phoebe Rupp’s boat had a crew of local gals! Megan Atwood reeled in a wild fish and Hannah Hollon a hreat 28″ keeper! They also reeled in some bullies.

Boating views!!

Proud catcher, Hannah!

Megan and a fish kiss!

Megan excited about her wild fish!

Tommy showing his netting skills!

Happy about a netted fish in the boat!

Bully catch!

Hannah with bait boy, Tommy and her keeper!

Rupp Crew! Thank you ladies!!


Jumping over to Sam and Beaud’s boat, Michelle White’s team with Jolene Skinner reeled in a wild one!

Jolene and Beaud with her catch!

Michelle White’s team!


That wraps it up for now, we have a bit of a WWB break for couple days, with some regular steelhead fishing trips but we will be jetting into another busy few days so stay tuned, We are a little over halfway thru the tournament! Remember Fish Dance March 13th 7ish at Seven Devils, Winners announced and fun!

Oh and we had a little Cordova Cooler fun! Check out ice berg pictures below! Shout out again to Cordova for their sponsorship!!


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Biggest Fish:

1st Place: Joey Stewart – 34.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

2nd Place: Mandy Clements – 33.75″ Hatchery Steelhead

3rd Place: Kylie Gonzales – 33.5″ Hatchery Steelhead

4th Place: Liz Thiel – 32.75″  Hatchery Steelhead

Most Fish:

1st Place: Kylie Gonzales ~ 4 Fish – 120.75 Hatchery Inches

2nd Place: Liz Thiel ~ 3 Fish – 94.5 Hatchery Inches

3rd Place: Crystal Sellers ~ 3 Fish – 84 Hatchery Inches

4th Place: Kelly Lewis ~ 3 Fish – 79.25 Hatchery Inches

Note: Idaho Fish and Game will not permit Wild Fish to be measured.  For this reason, only Hatchery fish will be included in determining total inches.