Traveling on water isn’t the easiest thing. Trains, planes, and automobiles are one thing, yet traveling by boat can cause multitudes of motion sickness symptoms. After water travelers and adventurers jump on board, their sense of equilibrium can get off balance. It’s more common than people think—even the savviest mariners fall prey to seasickness.

Nevertheless, jetting amongst the swell of the waters is a wonderful way to experience all a destination can offer. Don’t let motion sickness ruin a planned trip or fun excursion! Know some tips and tricks to remedy the situation. Let’s take a closer look at a few methods you can use to enjoy your time on the water. Here are some tips on how to deal with motion sickness on a boat.

Fresh Air and Perspective: Look at the Horizon Line

Fresh air does real wonders for clearing your head. The more exposure you have to fresh air, the less you will feel the effects of motion sickness. If you can, sit closer to the front of the boat and gaze out directly at the horizon line. Focusing on the horizon creates a constant sense of stillness despite the detectable motion going on around you.

Food and Drink: Hinders and Helping Hands

Motion sickness tends to upset an individual’s stomach. However, consuming food and beverages prior to or during an excursion aids in alleviating symptoms. Ginger in particular—whether raw, candied, or in a beverage such as tea—is a delicious, common remedy for motion sickness.

Hydration can help or hinder the situation depending on the individual. Be sure to be properly hydrated for the journey. Don’t skip out on food, either. Having something in your stomach is key, so don’t be too empty or too stuffed. If you’re wondering how to deal with motion sickness on a boat tour, try to snack on salty or light foods throughout the day. Consuming a solid meal before boarding—one that isn’t greasy, spicy, sugary, or acidic—also helps to keep nausea at bay.

Medication: Pop a Pill or Patch Things Up

When worse comes to worst, modern meds are the way to go. If you already know you’re prone to motion sickness, pop a pill in preparation. Dramamine and Bonine are popular OTC remedies. However, try to look for a non-drowsy version or ask your physician or pharmacist about the right choice for you. Patches are an alternative to pills that tend to last longer. Scopolamine patches are put easily behind your ear and release relief at a steady rate.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep remedies onboard and close at hand. Keep your chosen remedy within reach so you can enjoy your ride through Hells Canyon. Here at River Adventures, our professional jet boat tour and shuttle is the experience of a lifetime you don’t want to miss out on.