Every body of water on the planet, from soft seas to sweeping rivers, has its own source of beauty—as well as its own potential dangers. Rivers are joyous playgrounds that provide hours of fun and adventure, yet they are also strong forces of nature. It’s critical to understand the natural environment of these flowing channels before heading out to play.

As a swimmer, boater, angler, or paddler, you may encounter unique river hazards and challenges when out on the water, no matter your skill level or aquatic experience. Let’s take a closer look at the most common river hazards to be aware of so you can make the most out of your river adventures.

Currents: Water Passage Disruption

A river’s waters do not consistently flow in straight lines. Rather, the water falls, swirls, rages, and meanders according to the environment. River blockages are not uncommon. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the variety of river currents you may come across. The movement of currents is strong, and undercurrents can overwhelm even the most experienced swimmers.

The ebbs and tides of a river are dynamic forces of nature. Remain cautious, keep an eye on changing conditions, and watch out for others nearby or onboard. The pressure of the moving water can be heavy, constant, and unpredictable.

Weather and Temperature: General River Sensibility

One of the most common river hazards to be aware of when out on the water is mother nature’s atmospheric force: the weather. Similar to the unpredictability of river currents, you never know when the weather forecast may suddenly change. Heavy rain can cause river water levels to alter dramatically. Fog and wind can make for dicey river traffic.

River hazards aren’t about the water alone. Don’t forget the temperature factor. Even on a nice day of pure sunshine, the water temperature below the surface can be terribly cold. And on a cooler day, you can get overheated or dehydrated. Be prepared for possible temperature changes and know how to prevent, recognize, or treat the signs of hypothermia or heat exhaustion.

The Unseen: What Lies Beneath the Surface

Rivers may appear calm on the surface, but anything could be lurking beneath the water. Strainers and river blockages can cause trapping, pinning, pulling, or capsizing. Seasoned paddlers, swimmers, and boat captains can learn how to read the river, but even experienced adventurers must keep an eye out for potential river hazards. Safety is your responsibility. Always follow guidelines to have a fun and safe experience on the water during your visit.

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