Water is essential for life. There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds about it. This mighty liquid serves an endless slew of functions in our modern world. We physically cannot live without the substance that provides sustenance—and recreation, exercise, and wonder—in our very lives.

Since the average adult human is made out of around 45-75% water, it makes perfect sense that we love being in it, especially during the heat waves and lazy summer days. Aquatic activities and sports have been around for centuries and continue to sustain their top recreation spot. Ready to dive into a new leisure pursuit? Here are the essential water sports to add to your summer bucket list.

Whitewater Rafting

This classic group adventure has its sure doses of pure excitement and satisfaction. There’s nothing like conquering rapids to strengthen the bond you have with the close family or friends that join you on the raging river. Whitewater rafting also offers the unique opportunity to gain a fresh perspective of the beautiful scenery in the area—one you wouldn’t find anywhere else but in the middle of a stunning and powerful river. Involve yourself in mother nature with this adrenaline rush to cool down and pump up.


As a step up from rafting for the whitewater aficionados, riverboarding is a solo niche for the adrenaline-seekers of the world. Instead of rafting with a group, you’ll fly solo down the river rapids face-first on your belly. With just a buoyant boogie-board to hold onto—and plenty of safety gear, of course—this sporty adventure is not for the faint of heart. If you enjoy swimming and kayaking, this alternative experience offers an immense rush of exhilaration and self-achievement.

Jet Surfing

Jet surfing? Yes, it’s a surefire sport catching waves around the world. You can think of a Jetsurf similarly to that of a little Jet Ski shaped like—you guessed it—a surfboard. The ultimate benefit is that you don’t have to live near the ocean to try this quirky motorized surfboard. Understanding how water jet propulsion functions on boats and crafts is all you need to know to have a good time. That being said, good operational performance of a Jetsurf requires a bit more physical strength and conditioning than a traditional Jet Ski.


If you’re located anywhere near a beach, parasailing is definitely one of the water sports to add to your summer bucket list. No other activity offers the same bird’s eye view of the world. Soaring above the water under a parasail being pulled by a high-speed boat sounds strange, but plenty of people find the experience to be a source of superior revelry. As the so-called easy sport on this list, parasailing nonetheless offers its participants hands-off thrills—not to mention unrivaled peace and one-of-a-kind scenic perspectives.