Ah, salmon—the famous miracle fish of duality. Salmon thrives in both saltwater and freshwater and can be found along the East and West coasts alike. When it’s time to spawn, you’ll encounter the mighty salmon swimming inland as the kings of the rivers.

As one of the most regarded species of game fish, you can’t go wrong with an exciting catch of salmon. Whether you’re an angling novice or a budding ace, keep in mind these salmon fishing tips when you’re hoping to reel one in. Without further ado, here are some top tips for successful salmon fishing this season.

Bring Along the Right Gear and Bait

The fame and allure of salmon are definitely related to the scope of their size and strength. Planning correctly for this encounter is one of the best salmon fishing tips for rivers. The right equipment is key. You don’t desire to snap your line or lose a good catch. Be sure to have sharper hooks on hand, as salmon’s physical features include a thick jaw.

You should also pick your bait wisely. Live bait is the superior way to go with salmon. Consider using roe or cut bait at the end of your line to catch their attention. If you choose artificial lures, use a thin spoon, spinner, or add some flash for attraction.

Use Diverse Fishing Methods

A wide array of salmon fishing methods exist. Learning and experiencing these techniques is important to grow success and develop expertise. The ideal technique depends on location and river conditions. One of the most useful methods to know is drift fishing. When you’re on a river, cast your line upstream and let it naturally drift over to a prime location. This ideal presentation of the bait creates a prime opportunity for a triumphant catch.

Drift-fish only with something the salmon will bite on, and be sure to fish with the tide flow and not against it. Other viable methods to learn include float fishing, back bouncing, trolling, and plunking.

Venture on a Guided Boat Trip

Employing the service of a professional guide is beneficial for beginners or for growing experts looking to level up their angling game. Guides offer knowledgeable advice about target locations, equipment choice, and the most effective salmon fishing methods—not to mention a day of fun out on a beautiful river.

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